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I have a problem with the word deserve. Not so much with the word itself but with how people use it. People have a tendency of believing they deserve things for whatever reason they might think of. I’m not talking about basic stuff though. We all deserve common decency, love, even a roof over our head and food, in my opinion.

I think the biggest issue is that in the world we live in, expecting a specific response or reward where it isn't a given is rather foolish. Everything you do should have the assumption that it will go unrewarded. This is because it often will.

And you know what? I think that’s fine. We should be able to do things for people without expecting anything in return. I think that most of the things we do for others should be done freely, with no expectation of reward.

This is a publication where I want writers, particularly beginning writers to help each other become better writers and to succeed on Medium! We accept writing about pretty much anything and everything! I look forward to writers joining so we can all collectively improve!

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Jimmy Misner Jr.

I like to write about everything but mainly life lessons, relationships, and advice in general. I respond to comments so feel free to start a conversation!