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Offer your hand to help but don’t force it. When you see someone you care about struggling, the urge to help them can be strong. It’s great to offer that help but allow them the actual option of dealing with their own problems.

Well-intentioned meddling is still meddling, after all. If you offer your help and somebody doesn’t want it, gracefully accept their wishes. You might think they’d be better off with your advice and/or help but that isn’t the point.

An important aspect of this is to not feel hurt if someone doesn’t want or need your help. Sometimes, we just want to figure stuff out ourselves. Honestly, there can be any number of reasons why we might not accept help. Respect that. Part of respecting that is not taking offense to it.

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Jimmy Misner Jr.

I like to write about everything but mainly life lessons, relationships, and advice in general. I respond to comments so feel free to start a conversation!