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Writing Advice for Beginners

I’m going to link some articles that give great advice for a beginning writer.

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One4All is all about learning to be a better writer. We aim on doing that by creating a community that gives feedback. We’re also all about promoting other writers as well and in that vein I’m going to list a bunch of helpful articles. I’m also lazy, and it’s easier to link articles than it is to write out all of the advice, lol. Some of these will be about formatting and the like. Some will be articles that could be helpful to succeed on Medium.

I hope that some of these articles will help you on the path of becoming a better writer and succeeding one Medium.

This one isn’t necessary but I thought it looked interesting and might be something some of you might be interested in trying!

This is some basic writing tips. If you’re a really new writer and don’t know this stuff it can be really helpful.

This is a really useful article on all sorts of different topics that will help you. They have a part two with a bunch more information. It just requires joining their email list.

I’m going to cut it off here. If anyone has more articles for more information to help out beginning writers and even some a bit further along please let me know! I’ll be happy to add them! I’m looking for more technical things like formatting and the like! Thanks!



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