COVID-19 Update from OneBookShelf

COVID-19 is impacting our country in a wide variety of ways. Our team at OneBookShelf wants to be as communicative as possible with new updates and announcements as our business is impacted. Should anything change, we will update the following FAQ.

Can I still buy digital downloads on

Absolutely. Our site is available 24/7.

Are OneBookShelf employees still working?

Yes. Since OneBookshelf employees already worked from home, our daily operations have not been greatly affected.

Customer Service is still available 24/7 and normally replies within an hour.

Publisher Services, Community Author Support, and Tech Support are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours, as ever, outside of emergencies. Please be advised that response time can take 1–2 business days depending on our current email queue.

Can I still place an order for print-on-demand books?

Absolutely. At this time, our book printing operations are still running. If this were to change suddenly, any orders that could not be filled immediately would be eligible for a refund.

Update for May 8th, 2020:

Dear Lightning Source Publisher,
As you’re familiar with, during these extraordinary times, we’ve taken on significant volume and have had to extend our turnaround times on U.S. orders over the last two weeks. As we manage that previous volume and continually receive new orders, we must extend our turnaround times further.

Current Turnaround Times for Short Run & Drop Ship Orders
Update January 6th, 2021: The print turnaround time for U.S. orders of hardcover books is being extended to 30 days. Paperback books will remain the same as announced on 24 November for the time being as we continually adjust to holiday volume.

Current Turnaround Times for U.S. Print Orders
U.S. orders for paperback books are estimated to print in 10 business days
U.S. orders for hardcover books are estimated to print in 30 business days

Can I still place an order for print-on-demand cards?

Update for April 16th, 2020: Our operations facility that prints our cards, posters, and GM Screen inserts has been cleared to reopen with light staffing. We should be able to take new printed card orders beginning Monday, April 20. (We will, behind-the-scenes, make Public any printed card titles that were made Private during the shutdown. There should be nothing you need to do.) Due to light staffing, turnaround times may extend outside of our traditional 3- to 5-day turnaround, so we appreciate your patience as we ramp production back up.

Is it safe to receive printed orders?

For guidance on Coronavirus, please refer to the World Health Organization website.


OneBookShelf operates digital download marketplaces focused…


OneBookShelf operates digital download marketplaces focused on several publishing areas like roleplaying games, comic books, fiction, card games, and wargames.

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