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Play It Forward Event

These are difficult times. Social distancing certainly isn’t making things any easier. But even if we’re isolated physically, that doesn’t mean we can’t still pull together! Join us for the #PlayItForward Event.

Along with licensors on Dungeon Masters Guild (Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Grounds) and Storytellers Vault (White Wolf), we have agreed we can do more. For two weeks in May, we will waive our share on all sales of community-created products on those sites. As a result, all revenue earned for those titles will go directly to the creators.

When you buy any DMsGuild or Storytellers Vault community title from May 4 to May 17, you are reaching out to lend a helping hand. You’re putting more money straight into the pockets of your gaming community.

Plus, to thank you for supporting creators, we’ll be running a sitewide sale. Enjoy 20% fun and useful titles that are at least 30 days old.

Creators and affiliates, here are details about #PlayItForward you should know:



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