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How Limit Order Trading Bot Made 6X Market ROI in 65 Days

Analysis of how Horizon AI crushes the markets during sideways trends

Horizon trading bot is based on an AI trading model that uses limit orders to make profitable trades on cryptocurrency markets.

In this case study, we will analyze the performance of one of the Horizon trading bots created on One Button Trader.

Trading Bot Case Study: Horizon VS ETH:USDT

Bot: Horizon

Market: ETH:USDT

Time period: June 11, 2021 — Aug 05, 2021

Time active: 65 days


  • +30.05% (Horizon)
  • +5.07% (ETH:USDT)
  • +24.98% (difference)

The following Horizon bot was activated on the One Button Trader platform in June 2021 on the Ethereum market.

Horizon bot is driven by the AI model that typically shows great performance during a sudden shift of market conditions.

The analysis of the Horizon’s trade history on the Ethereum proves it, outperforming the market by +24.98% over 65 days.

Chart #1: Horizon- ETH:USDT June-July 2021
Chart 2: Horizon - ETH:USDT July-August 2021

Based on the trade history, we can indicate that the Horizon AI bot is good between bear and bull markets. His confidence threshold is above average making a series of profitable trades after analyzing the downtrend and uptrend.

The Horizon AI bot made a series of succeeding trades during the ups and down market cycle of Ethereum, scalping different kinds of trade within the buy and sell. Horizon was even able to utilize an immediate shift of market condition on July 21 by executing a few successful swing trades.

Continuing a successful run, the bot has made a few series of bad trades however, up until today Horizon manages to secure +24.98% ROI more average profit than the actual market performance of +5.07% which is truly remarkable within the 65 days being actively trading the market.

Create Horizon trading bot at One Button Trader.



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