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🚀 May 2021 Product Update: What’s new this month?

Hi OB Traders, 👋

We decided to start sharing periodic product updates to keep you posted about the recent OB Trader developments and upcoming plans.

What’s new this month?

OB Trader is now at version 3.2.1. We added a few major features within the last month:

Binance.US exchange

Our US-based users can integrate their Binance.US accounts to create OB Trader bots.

Dashboard redesign

We enhanced the dashboard with the new type of Balance In Use chart that shows asset distribution between the active bots.

All the bots are now displayed on the right side, making it more convenient to manage both active and archived bots.

Also, each bot has its personal page that provides a better insight into individual bot performance.

Bot Search function

Ever had a problem finding the bot you archived a long time ago?

Looking up the exact bots became much easier with the Search function. Using the search bar, you can filter bots by their type, exchange, and market pair.

Create New Bot page redesign

We slightly improved the page’s design when creating a new bot, making it much easier to navigate between the different bot types.

We introduced a new view that allows seeing all the bots inside a table, which gives a more comprehensive summary of each bot type.

Later, we plan to introduce more metrics to the bots to filter/sort strategies more easily.

New market pairs

This month we added new market pairs for Binance & Binance.US — ETC:USDT, XRP:USDT, and ADA:USDT.

We are planning to introduce more market pairs every week.

Help center

Recently, we added a brand new support portal for OB Trader users —

Here you will find all the existing articles and FAQs about OB Trader.

You can submit support requests through the help center and follow the updates on your requests inside the portal.

What’s coming up next?


During a bear market, it is important to have proper risk management tools in place.

A stop-loss mechanism is one of the best solutions for an investor to avoid big losses or secure gains.

We plan to introduce a configurable stop-loss that will close the bot’s open position once the price reaches the stop-loss level for each bot. You will be able to set the level yourself, and the bot will exit position automatically.

Fixed monthly subscription fees

You shared a lot of valuable feedback about the current To-The-Moon pricing strategy. We carefully reviewed it, and we will be introducing alternative subscription plans with fixed monthly fees.

New pricing tiers will not offer the same level of functionality as in the To-The-Moon plan. But they will allow enough flexibility for users who are not ready to jump from the Free to To-The-Moon plan right away.

Stats by market pair

We are adding a new dimension to filtering the bot stats — by market.

You will be able to view the bot’s performance in different markets and make better decisions about choosing the right bot for each market.

Major plans for 2021

We will add more fun stuff like Binance Futures bots, monthly trading reports, and bot recommendations in the nearest future!

Join us in the OB Telegram community and share your feedback and suggestions here —

We hope you liked our product update. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out via our Help Center or through Live Chat support on your OB Trader account for assistance. We’re happy to help!

Good luck with trading!🚀

And remember, trading cryptocurrencies involves significant risk and can result in the loss of your capital. You should not invest more than you can afford to lose and you should ensure that you fully understand the risks involved.



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