What Makes Employees Be Their Best Versions

Haadia Athar
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3 min readMar 12, 2021


It is a widely known fact that having a healthy workplace is good for employees’ health and general wellbeing, but recently, it has also proven that it yields high returns for employers too. It boosts motivation levels, thus improving the sales of the business they are a part of. It also results in a reduction of costs related to turnover, absenteeism, etc.

OneByte takes great pride in fostering a healthy workplace environment for its employees. We understand that the most important thing that influences employee motivation and happiness, and how productive and efficient they can be, all comes down to their working environment.

The Culture

We believe in nurturing a culture of collaboration, professionalism, respect, and camaraderie. We have a collection of core values that we do not compromise on, which include showing passion and thirst for knowledge, taking responsibility, being proactive, and being empathetic to those around you, among others.

Super Talented Team

We try to hire smart, hard-working individuals, currently having some of the best engineers working with us who are always up to share their knowledge and help their team members advance their skillset. We empower independent decisions made in good faith, without the threat of employees having to bear the brunt if they backfire in any way.

Rewarding Talent

We compensate our team members based on their skill set and the value they add to the team, paying at the top of the personal market. OneByte believes in growing our employees — we try to promote our own employees that show the capability of handling a role with bigger responsibility instead of looking elsewhere. We also publicly celebrate success and praise individuals who achieve great things in their personal and professional lives.

Strong Learning Culture

We are committed to developing a strong learning culture, urging our employees to take relevant courses and apply for certifications that we will pay for; we believe in enabling individuals to achieve their full potential and help OneByte achieve its business goals while fulfilling their professional learning aspirations and needs.

Global Clientele

As a OneByte team member, you get to interact with global clients and work on amazing apps while gaining international exposure. This helps you learn the norms of multiple markets, resulting in personal and professional growth and a larger pool of opportunities should you choose to expand your horizons.

Equal Opportunity Employer

We strongly adhere to equal employment practices. Following Article 27 of the constitution of Pakistan, we believe that all members of our society should be given the chance to showcase their skills and apply for employment at OneByte. No discrimination will be done against anyone who wants to be part of OneByte.

Open-Door Policy

OneByte believes in creating and maintaining an open and candid environment, which fosters constructive communications and is essential to its continued success. We welcome the sharing of ideas and healthy debates. OneByte believes the occasional conflicts that arise can be solved through effective communication with your team and your leader. Our Open-Door Policy is meant to encourage our employees to discuss their work-related ideas, issues, or complaints with your Team Lead, HR, or the Senior leadership team.

As a result of implementing these policies at OneByte, we can boast about our highly engaged employees who are passionate about what they do and give their all to their work because they feel appreciated and respected. They give their best to finish sprints and meet deadlines, willing to go the extra mile if the need presents itself. If you’re interested in becoming part of the team, keep an eye out for any open positions on our website: https://onebytellc.com/careers/