$1,000,000 Airdrop For OBT Token Holders

One Click Crypto Team
One Click Crypto
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2 min readOct 27, 2022


For its upcoming 1CC token launch, One Click Crypto will allocate $1,000,000 worth of its supply to OBT holders.

A total of 2,857,142.857 1CC tokens based on its public sale price of $0.35 will be airdropped to all the holders of OBT.

How to be eligible?


  • A snapshot of the OBT token holders will be taken 7 days before the official 1CC token listing (see the exact date in upcoming announcements) and rewards will be airdropped on the next day.
  • The rewards will be distributed to the same wallet address on a different chain (Ethereum). For example, if you hold OBT on your Binance Chain wallet 0xe68…0b2, 1CC will be airdropped to the same wallet on Ethereum Chain.

Distribution ratio

Each OBT holder will receive 1 1CC token for 3.5 OBT tokens.

Unlock schedule

50% of airdropped 1CC tokens will be unlocked in the first 7 days after listing, the rest will unlock linearly over the next 5 months.


You are holding 35,000 OBT (Current price 1 OBT = ±$0.01)

At the moment of an airdrop, you will receive 10,000 1CC tokens worth $3,500.


Can I get a 1CC airdrop to my OBT wallet in my One Click Crypto account?
Yes. OBT wallets inside the One Click Crypto app will support the airdrop.