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AI Prediction For October ‘22. Are We About To Go To $12k?

Tsshhh… Can you hear it? The storm is coming. The only question is… Are we going up or down?

We are now in the sideways season, with the prices going nowhere for the last few days. Bitcoin has been trading between 18k and 25k since mid-June ’22 and even in a tighter range of 18-20k since mid-Sep ‘22.

What does it usually say when prices behave like this? That the volatility is around the corner.

Markets can’t stay undecisive for too long. Now any external event can cause a huge market move in any direction. Traders hate this situation and avoid placing new positions in such an environment.

What does AI think about this?

As of October 1, 2022, 15:30 UTC, the Performer v2 AI spot positions are 88.4% in cash.

Portfolio distribution for active Performer v2 models on One Button Capital on Oct 1, 2022, 15:30 UTC

The machines prefer to stay away from this market. Somewhere within its neural network’s embedded memory of historical data, it recognized a market pattern like this, and likely in most cases, it led to a selloff.

Would it be right this time?

Notably, the Performer v2 AI was quite accurate in predicting the price movements in September ’22 on all the major traded coins.

AI vs. BTC

September results:

AI: +4.10%
BTC: -2.94%
Trades made: 20

Making just 20 trades in September, the Performer v2 model managed to outperform the Bitcoin market by more than 7% net of trading fees.

Trade history and performance chart on BTC:USDT, Performer v2 AI vs. Buy-and-hold, 01.09.2022–01.10.2022 (One Button Capital app)

The two most remarkable trades are the Sep 9 BUY trade re-entering the market right before the pump to $22k and Sep 13 SELL prior to the -12% drop from $22.8k to $20k.

Since Sep 27, the Performer v2 has been idle without taking new positions.

AI vs. ETH

AI: +0.41%
ETH: -13.97%
Trades made: 25

Ethereum price action in September didn’t quite follow Bitcoin and instead was subject to a post-merge selloff.

Despite the -13.97% decrease in ETH price, the Performer v2 AI model trading on ETH managed to break even this month with a small profit of +0.41%.

Trade history and performance chart on ETH:USDT, Performer v2 AI vs. Buy-and-hold, 01.09.2022–01.10.2022 (One Button Capital app)

In total, 25 trades were made by the model, and a few of them quite remarkably captured local maximums and minimums.

Similarly to BTC, the AI has been idle since the last trade on Sep 27.

AI vs. BNB

AI: +6.60%
BNB: +2.58%
Trades made: 17

The BNB Performer v2 was less active this month, with just 17 trades.

Trade history and performance chart on BNB:USDT, Performer v2 AI vs. Buy-and-hold, 01.09.2022–01.10.2022 (One Button Capital app)

Yet, the model managed to land a few spot-on trades, making quite a brilliant swing move between Sep 15 and Sep 21.

No trades new were performed since Sep 27.

AI vs. ADA

AI: +3.58%
ADA: -3.02%
Trades made: 35

The most active bot amongst all is trading ADA:USDT. It managed to land 35 trades in September ’22 and outperform the buy-and-hold strategy by 6.6%.

Trade history and performance chart on ADA:USDT, Performer v2 AI vs. Buy-and-hold, 01.09.2022–01.10.2022 (One Button Capital app)

Noticeably, most of the profits were made in the second half of the month when the market was in a downturn.

It is also quite interesting that the last (6!) trades by the AI are SELL trades. Looks like it really made sure to get rid of all the ADA until now. Is it really coming?

As an ex-trader, I hate market situations like this. A lot of noise, uncertainty, and no clear direction. Many people will lose money trading in such an environment.

Will the machine come out superior again?

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This is not financial advice. This article is strictly educational and does not provide investment advice, solicit the purchase or sale of any assets, or encourage readers to make financial decisions. Please use caution and conduct independent research.



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