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Bear Market Bottom? Weekly Newsletter #008

Key economic indicators to move crypto in the upcoming week.

Market update

Bitcoin (BTC) rebounded slightly last week and is currently trading at $20,445. Ethereum (ETH) on the other hand consolidates around $1,144.

Data from Jul 11, 2022, at 16:30 UTC via

Latest news:

Failed Cryptocurrency Exchange MT. Gox Is Returning 140,000 BTC

Other news

Our research

The OB Capital June 2022 Report is out. Read on our website or download the 54-page PDF.

Investing in bear markets, crypto inflation, and the importance of timing the market in crypto.

Other articles

One Button Capital Investment Thesis

One Button performance

Aggregated return of OB Capital vs. BTC and ETH

The One Button AI trading strategies show good performance in both downtrends and uptrends, with the bulk of our bots outperforming the market in both conditions.

Source: One Button Capital Stats

Top trading strategy

This week the duel between the Performer strategies continues with v2 in the lead with +4.74% ROI. A close second is its ancestor Performer with +3.50%. In third place we have the Clipper, trading at +1.16%, who starts to gain steam as the market turns green.

Top-performing market pairs

CRV: USDT remains the best trading pair with a +26.62% ROI, followed this time by ETH: BUSD with +15.13%. Bitcoin returns in the top 3 with BTC: USDT having a +13.60% gain.

Source: One Button Capital Stats

Product updates

July 11, 2022
- Added improved caching mechanism for bots

Final word

The small recovery last week came as a relief to investors after months of struggle and downward action. Analysts are still split into two camps on whether this will be the bottom of the 2022 bear market.



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