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How Did AI Respond To The Terra (LUNA) Meltdown?

Case Study of AI trading bots versus Terra (LUNA) during the May, 2022 crypto crash.

“Luna will hit $1 before UST” was one of the most shared tweets.

A huge blow to industry confidence

The depegging of UST. Source OKX

Regulators took the bait.

AI Trading Bots’ Response To LUNA

A trading bot that traded a LUNA pair for over four months. Source: OBC app.
Trade history of one of the AI bots that fell under the LUNA apocalypse. Source OBC app.
Screenshot of daily strategy return vs LUNA return during May 14 — May 15, 2022. Source: OBC app
Another feedback from one of the users about the stop-loss feature.

Can (Un)stable Coins Crash The Market?

Experts’ opinions

The good things from the situation:

Concerns about retail investors




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