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Lithium Partnership for One Click Crypto Rewards

Test AI crypto trading bots for free and win OBT tokens and other Web3 rewards.

One Click Crypto Partnership Lithium Ventures

How It Works

The Lithium platform rewards community members who are engaged with the project. They measure engagement by the missions you complete on the platform (quality and quantity).

  • Follow the steps to set up your account, you’ll need to connect your wallet and input your email address
  • Wait while your task is marked
Crypto Rewards With One Click

About One Click Crypto

Crypto trading automation can be simple. Forget about the charts and lines of code. With one click, you can launch a team of trading bots that will monitor the market 24/7 and execute spot trades directly on your exchange’s account via API [1].

AI Crypto Trading Bots Website
One Click Crypto website.



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