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One Click Crypto at Bali Blockchain Ecosystem Conference 2022

We are representing One Click Crypto at one of the largest crypto events happening in Bali.

What it is?

Bali Blockchain Ecosystem is a Community, Conference, Exhibition networking, and Crypto project ecosystem, sharing opportunities around web3, crypto, blockchain, NFT & Metaverse.

When and Where?

Date: Thursday, August 4, 2022
Duration: 12:00 – 22:00
Location: ParQ, Ubud, Sri Wedari №24, Bali 80571


  1. Oscar Darmawan— CEO & Founder of Indodax
  2. Simon Smaluhn — Founder & CEO of Favourse
  3. Robby Jeo — CEO of Kommunitas
  4. Max Yampolsky — Founder & CEO of One Click Crypto
  5. Gil Petersil — Strategic Networking & Mastermind Expert
  6. Meinhard Benn — SatoshiPay & Pendulum Chain
  7. Jayson Elliott— Founder & CEO Real Earth Elements
  8. Tom Courly — Co-Founder of Bali Investment Club


  1. Andre Frey — CEO & Founder Parq Space Ubud
  2. Faye Wongso — CEO & Co-Founder of KUMPUL
  3. Stephan Demeulenaere — Value-X
  4. (Emilio Canessa) — Special Projects Dfinity (ICP)
  5. Michael Bennallack — CEO of Republic Rupiah
  6. Tyrone Williams — Founder of The Collective Solution
  7. Melissa Kurtcan — Co-Founder S21
  8. Elliott Hoffman — Co-Founder S21


  1. Robert Ian Bonnick— Tourism Architect
  2. Mathew Paul — Co-Founder of Collide


  • Virtual Reality Experiences & Games
  • Free merch, drinks, and snacks
  • Dance Performances, DJ, and Awesome Afterparty



S21, MuralFest, Bali Collective, OffChain,, Bali Circus Academy,, Akasha Yoga Academy’s team, T-hub, ICP, Parq, Kumpul, Game Labs, Republic Rupiah, Neftipedia, and 30+ media partners, featuring &



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