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One Button Capital becomes One Click Crypto

+ 1CC token launch

Tesla in self-driving mode + AI-generated images

Why One Button Capital becomes One Click Crypto?

1. Encompasses larger vision

2. Removes ambiguity

3. Better discoverability

4. No association with venture capital

5. Sounds better

6. 1CC ticker is at the top of all listings

One Click Crypto ecosystem

One Click AI Invest

One Click AI Trade (DEX)

One Click Treasury Management

One Click Borrow/Lend

One Click Stake

One Click Farm/Yield

One Click Wallet

One Click Bridge

One Click Analytics

One Click Card

1CC Token

0% fee

Automatic purchases

Unlock functionalities

Better yield

Better rates

Turbocharged treasury management


One Click Earn

Burn on transaction

Buyback and burn

Initial Tokenomics

  • Seed: $0.16
  • Private A: $0.22
  • Private B: $0.28
  • Public: $0.35

To OBT holders



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Max Yampolsky

Building web3 and DeFi products. Writing about crypto and tokenomics. Founder of One Click Crypto - web3 robo-advisory app