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One Button Trader: What Is It And How It Works?

Cryptocurrency trading bots based on AI, machine learning models

AI is the future of trading.

OB (One Button) Trader is a place where you can create AI-driven trading bots to trade 24/7 for you.

For whom is OB Trader?

OB Trader aims to solve 2 problems:

  1. The complexity of crypto investing
  2. Low returns of existing trading platforms or while holding cryptocurrencies

OB Trader was made for people who:

  1. Want to invest in cryptocurrencies
  2. Tired of holding
  3. Tired of managing their coins and trades manually
  4. Don’t have a lot of time to test/experiment with different strategies and tools
  5. Looking for a simple yet effective solution to do the coin management for them

How does OB Trader help?

First, OB Trader is oriented toward amateur investors. We made the onboarding process so straightforward to make sure even your grandma could make a bot. Once the exchange is connected, it takes literally one button to create a bot!

Next, at OB, you can find a variety of pre-trained AI trading strategies adapted for different markets. The single goal of the trading AI is to outperform the underlying assets. So the primary reason for you to use the bots is to get a bigger return on your investment in crypto.

Finally, OB Trader works with managing risks and can save you from losses. Using the embedded stop-loss feature, you can make sure bots are not losing money when markets are moving down.

Both simplicity and performance are important in trading. On OB Trader, we achieve both with the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

What’s the AI in your bots?

There is a lot of confusion behind the terminology of AI in the trading and crypto space. Some online platforms use the word AI when they talk about smart recommendations. You see the words “recommended strategy,” “suggested position size” — the so-called “AI” just creates a personalized experience for existing features and trading strategies. But it’s not the actual trading AI.

In fact, there is very little where AI is used as an underlying mechanism for trading (executing trades and placing orders). Most trading bots use technical indicators (like Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, etc.) and their different combinations to make a trading strategy. But all these strategies are based on mathematics and formulas — not something you can call an AI.

OB Trader is the first public automated trading tool that uses only AI for decision-making. OB Trader is an AI that actually trades for you.

What markets are supported?

Currently, we only support cryptocurrency trading pairs.

What exchanges are supported?

Binance, Binance.US, Kraken, Coinbase Pro, Bitvavo, Bitpanda Pro. More exchanges are underway.

How do bots trade?

You connect the bots to your cryptocurrency exchange (e.g., Binance) via the API key.

Bots are trading within your account (with no withdrawal access.)

How do bots make decisions?

Because of the nature of the AI, the exact logic behind what makes bots execute trades is relatively unpredictable.

OB Trader bots do market scans — retrieving new market data — every 1 and 4 hours (with the new candlestick.) Based on the latest data and detected price patterns, bots define if it’s a BUY, SELL, or HOLD.

After that, bots calculate the confidence threshold — range from 0–100, which includes factors like the amount of risk and the expected change in the market. The bots use the confidence threshold value to define the amount of asset to be bought/sold.

How do multiple bots run on the same account?

All the bots run in parallel and don’t interfere with each other.

One of OB Trader bots’ features is that each of them has a separate mechanism for making decisions.

You won’t find two equal bots on OB Trader. The only way you can have bots making identical trades is by creating them on the same exchange, same market pair, with the same position size, and at the same time.

Can the bots short?

The “shorting” bots are currently under development and should be available in August-September 2021 to trade on Binance Futures.

How is your trading AI trained?

Using tools like TensorFlow for machine learning, we create AI models for trading.

We train the models on the historical market data. For example, we can “feed” the whole price history of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero from 2014 to 2021 to the model. We currently train models mainly on USD/USDT-based markets.

For machine learning models, we mainly use evolution strategies — machine learning framework which uses optimization technique based on ideas of evolution.

The models train themselves to make trades using the historical market data and iterate through multiple generations.

The AI models use metrics like Sharpe and Calmar ratios as rewards for their performance. This way, they prioritize steady portfolio gains and avoid big risks.

After the AI model is ready, it gets backtested over the history of multiple market pairs to verify how viable it is.

Later, the model gets deployed to the OB Trader app for real-time analysis (this is what you see as Bot Type) and field-tested by the product team.

Afterward, the best-performing models are released to our live app, where all the users can access them.

Can AI bots beat the market?

We can’t say that the bots always do better than the market. But in many cases, the bots consistently outperformed the underlying asset.

See few examples below:

Clipper v5 VS ETH:BUSD

Time period: March 25, 2021 — June 18, 2021

Time active: 72 days


  • +88.31% (Clipper)
  • +69.11% (ETH:BUSD)
  • +19.31% (difference)

On the chart, you can see the trade history of the Clipper v5 bot created on ETH:BUSD market pair on March 25, 2021.

The bot had made a series of successful trades during an uptrend run of Ethereum and scalped extra profits selling almost at the all-time-high price.

After the asset started to drop, bot has made a few unsuccessful entries. But in the end, bot managed to secure +19.31% more profit than you would get just by holding an asset.

Astral v5-early VS XMR:USDT

Time period: February 22, 2021 — June 18, 2021

Time active: 121 days


  • +204.18% (Astral-v5 early)
  • +71.36% (XMR:USDT)
  • +132.82% (difference)

Looking back on February 22, 2021, when the Astral was started, it buys unfortunately from the top and sells at the bottom that leads to a loss.

However, as time progresses, the AI manages to place many winning trades during the rising trend of Monero, averaging out the initial losses.

Yet again, this AI shows the ability to sell near the all-time highs. But after the price drop happened, it made a couple of unsuccessful trades.

In the end, the Astral bot has made 112 trades and gained +204.18% ROI within 4 months — almost 3x than the underlying market (Monero).

What’s the trick? Why make it public?

I agree, it is everybody’s dream to build the trading AI that will make you rich for a few generations ahead and secretly use it to generate wealth.

But we realized that we currently simply don’t have enough data, power, and resources to understand the full potential of OB Trader bots. Without the data, it isn’t easy to define the best-performing bot types and market pairs. And, of course, all investment comes with risk. Without enough data about the performance, it won’t be very smart to sell all your assets and invest them into the trading AI.

That’s why the core goal right now for OB Trader is to gather more data about the best combinations of market pairs and bot types. This data is also publicly available for everyone to see on our stats page.

Another reason for making it public is that we love creating great and easy-to-use web applications. We are incredibly proud of the UX of our OB Trader dashboard.

And lastly, we want to make it transparent. One of the core values of OB Trading is transparency, and it also reflects in the way we build our products. We feel like there is great potential in sharing your ideas with the public, which can lead to something extraordinary.


To summarize, OB Trader is an innovative trading AI, that lets people easily create trading bots on their favorite exchanges with one click of a button.

AI-driven trading bots can give an edge on specific markets and improve ROI in cryptocurrencies. However, it’s still too early to say which types of bots work best under which markets.

Here are the main pros and cons of using OB Trader.


  • Easy to create a bot — only need to select the type of AI and the market
  • Good performance during slowly moving markets
  • Available stop-loss in case of market crashes
  • Transparent statistics — publicly available data about the bots and their performance


  • Not sufficient trading data about market pairs and bot types. Difficult to say what works best
  • Can only trade in 1/4-hour intervals

You can create your AI trading bot for FREE here.

Enjoy the ride 🚀



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