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One Click Crypto (1CC) Tokenomics

This post will cover the whole tokenomics of the 1CC token in more detail.

To view the tokenomics spreadsheet, visit this link.

The two primary demand drivers for 1CC are:

  • Utility
  • Burn mechanics: burn on transaction + buyback-and-burn

Token Utility

Access to premium features and strategies

The primary utility factor driving 1CC token growth is that it will provide holders access to top-performing strategies and advanced features of One Click Crypto products such as One Click Wallet and Analytics.

To utilize One Click Crypto at its full potential, users will be required to hold 1CC in the wallets linked to the platform. The amount of 1CC needed will depend on the access tier, starting from the most accessible (50 1CC ) to institutional (50,000 1CC).

Zero-fee swaps

1CC holders will enjoy 0% trading fees on One Click Trade. Apart from the gas and liquidity provider fees, there will be no additional fees required if you’re holding 1CC.

Entry barrier for yield providers

Yield providers such as traders, algorithm developers, asset management funds, and other professionals can feature their strategies on the One Click Invest app and get an allocation from the capital locked in One Click Crypto pools and vaults.

In addition to the vetting and moderation process done by the One Click team, algorithm providers will have a minimum threshold in 1CC to be staked in order to be featured.

All the portfolio managers and trading algorithm suppliers must purchase tokens for 0.5% of the current circulating supply. They can do so by buying tokens from the open market or purchasing them from the Ecosystem & Partnerships allocation.

This way, we can further ensure the legitimacy of the yield providers and validate their intent, thereby increasing value for One Click ecosystem participants.


In One Click Invest, 1CC is automatically purchased from the open market from 1% of the transaction volume, thereby generating upward pressure.

Better yield

By staking their 1CC, holders will automatically receive improved yields (up to +25% better) on One Click Staking and Farming.

Better rates

The same principle applied to One Click Lending: 1CC stakers more favorable lending and borrowing terms optimized by at most 50%.

Turbocharged treasury management

1CC stakers receive higher yields and discounted fees in One Click Treasury Management. This utility benefit will be mainly applied to DAOs and institutional asset managers looking to generate extra yield on their holdings.


By holding 1CC in their One Click Wallet, users will receive cashback on purchases from One Click Card of up to 10%.


Apart from all the additional benefits obtained through staking 1CC in One Click Crypto, all stakers will receive passive yield amounting to +40% APY.

One Click Earn

Just by holding 1CC in your wallet, you can receive reflections from the profits acquired from the One Click Crypto treasury management. Up to 20% of all profit generated will be automatically distributed between token holders on a quarterly basis.

… and more

Due to the diverse set of products offered by One Click Crypto, the 1CC utility can be endless. The current utility is only the starting point to kickstart the One Click ecosystem’s sustainable growth; in the future, more features will be added.

Burn mechanisms

Burn on transaction

0.1% of the 1CC token will be burned automatically from each transaction (buy, sell, or transfer).

Buyback and burn

Additionally, up to 25% of the total supply will be burned across the next five years with buybacks.

One Click Crypto team will use excess revenue to buy back the token from the open market and send it to the burn wallet.


Dec 7, 2022 Update: The allocation numbers are being updated, you can follow the latest numbers by this link. Main changes: 1) Reduced total supply, 2) Reduced Treasury allocation, 3) Increased Community Incentives allocation, 4) Increased Public and OBT Holders allocations
The vesting schedules remain unchanged.

1CC token allocations


A total of 2.80% or 3,248,000.00 1CC will be allocated to seed investors.

Private A

A total of 5.80% or 6,728,000.00 1CC will be allocated to investors from the Private A round.

Private B

A total of 9.80% or 11,368,000.00 1CC will be allocated to investors from the Private B round.


A total of 1.60% or 1,856,000.00 1CC will be allocated to investors from the public sale.

OBT Holders

A total of 2.50% or 2,900,000.00 1CC will be allocated to the OBT token holders.

This is to support the migration of the One Click Crypto ecosystem from the Binance Chain to the Ethereum blockchain and reward loyal project participants and early investors.

The holders of OBT tokens will receive 1CC tokens automatically in their wallets.

More details about the airdrop to OBT holders are in this announcement.

Team and Advisors

A total of 12.80% or 14,848,000.00 1CC will be allocated to the team and advisors of One Click Crypto.

As of the moment of writing, the One Click team consists of 20 people, of them 5 being core members and founders.

The One Click advisory board consists of 8 high-profile members from various industries, giving input on aspects like technology, finance, asset & portfolio management, legal counsel, marketing, and others.

The allocation will be also used to recruit and retain additional team members required for One Click Crypto’s successful operations.

More info about the team can be found on the official website page —

Community Incentives

A total of 27.30% or 31,668,000.00 1CC will be allocated to the community incentives.

Such a large allocation is attributed to the community, given the role it plays in the success of web3 projects.

Since One Click Crypto aims to capture a large share of the already established market, network effects and viral growth are key components of its adoption. That’s why it is imperative to cultivate the community and project growth through properly aligned incentives.

The community incentives will support everything from the ambassador program and bug bounty to airdrops and staking rewards. The whole department within the One Click team will be designated to handle the community programs. The department will carefully plan and design campaigns that will ensure long-term ecosystem growth.

Ecosystem & Partnerships

A total of 16.20% or 18,792,000.00 1CC will be allocated to the ecosystem and partnerships.

One Click Crypto is an ecosystem project, and without key strategic partnerships, growth might be slow. In order to attract relevant partners, such as technology suppliers, liquidity providers, and portfolio managers, the proper incentives have to be lined up for them in the One Click ecosystem.

This allocation will be also used to craft partnerships with exchanges to make 1CC accessible for purchase as widely as possible.

Part of the allocation will be used for mergers & acquisitions of prominent startups in the space which would be a value add for the One Click Crypto ecosystem.

The allocation is relatively large due to a high number of partnerships to be secured within the 6–18 months since launch. A separate CBDO person and a set of subordinates will be assigned to manage the ecosystem allocation to ensure One Click Crypto’s sustainable development.


A total of 17.10% or 19,836,000.00 1CC will be allocated to One Click treasury.

Treasury allocation is long-term value storage and passive ROI generation.

Part of this allocation will be deployed under the management of One Click trading and farming strategies to generate passive yield. Paired with ETH, wBTC, or USDC, assets will be put into the pools available on the One Click Crypto app to generate volume and additional TVL for the protocol. The excess profits from the strategies will be distributed between token holders.

Another part of this allocation will be reserved for future investors and/or additional project acquisitions.


A total of 4.10% or 4,756,000.00 1CC will be deployed to the liquidity on the listed exchanges.

Vesting & unlock schedule

At TGE, only 3.87% of the supply will be unlocked, with the rest of 96.13% unlocked in the next 36 months.

The unlock schedule is designed to reward early investors as well as incentivize sustainable token growth post-launch.

1CC unlock schedule


2.5% at TGE, 2-mo cliff, monthly unlock for 18 months.

Seed investors will enjoy a 2.5% unlock at TGE followed by a 2-months cliff. The rest of the allocation will be unlocked linearly over the 18 months.

The cliff for seed and private investors is designed to prevent short-term market pressure after the launch.

Seed allocation has the longest vesting schedule due to investors getting into the sale at the lowest price ($0.16 vs. $0.40 at launch).

Nevertheless, 2.5% of the allocation will be unlocked at launch to give investors a degree of flexibility.

Seed allocation will only constitute 1.81% of the initial circulating supply.

Private A

5% at TGE, 1-mo cliff, monthly unlock for 12 months.

Private A investors will enjoy a 5% unlock at TGE followed by a 1-month cliff. The rest of the allocation will be unlocked linearly over the 12 months.

Private A investors are getting a softer vesting schedule than seed investors, yet, aimed at the sustainable long-term project worth.

5% of the Private A allocation will be unlocked at TGE, which will constitute 7.49% of the initial circulating supply.

Private B

7.5% at TGE, 2-week cliff, monthly unlock for 9 months.

Private B investors will enjoy a 7.5% unlock at TGE followed by a 2-week cliff. The rest of the allocation will be unlocked linearly over the 9 months.

7.5% of the Private B allocation will be unlocked at TGE, which will constitute 18.99% of the initial circulating supply.


15% at TGE, monthly unlock for 6 months.

Public sale investors will enjoy the 15% unlock at TGE followed by the linear unlock over the 6 months without a cliff.

Due to the public investors entering the sale at the latest stage, they are receiving a faster unlock schedule than private investors.

OBT Holders

50% in the first 7 days since TGE, monthly unlock for 5 months.

OBT holders will receive 50% of the allocation within the first week after the TGE, followed by the 5-month linear unlock.

Due to being the earliest investors, OBT holders deserve the most liquidity. Yet, we want to avoid potential pressure from those who entered OBT at a favorable price, that’s why not all the tokens are available immediately.

The first 25% will be available at TGE, and the rest 25% will be distributed at a random schedule during the first 7 days since listing to avoid large chunks of tokens being unlocked.

Team and Advisors

12-mo cliff, monthly unlock for 24 months.

Team allocation has a total unlock period of 36 months to ensure alignment and long-term commitment between all the existing and future stakeholders involved in project development.

Community Incentives

7% at TGE, 3-mo cliff, monthly unlock for 24 months.

The community incentives allocation will see a 7% unlock at TGE to kickstart the initial community campaigns and then be followed by a 3-month cliff. The initial unlock amount should be sufficient enough for the first 3 months of marketing, and the cliff will further boost short-to-mid term certainty of investors.

The rest of the allocation will unlock linearly over 24 months.


6-mo cliff, 20% unlock, monthly unlock for 18 months.

The treasury allocation will have a 6-months cliff to give enough product development time to design, test, and refine One Click yield generation strategies. After the initial cliff, a 20% unlock will occur to deploy the initial batch of assets into the yield generation mechanisms.

The rest of the allocation will unlock linearly over 18 months.

Ecosystem & Partnerships

2.5-mo cliff, monthly unlock for 24 months.

The ecosystem allocation will have a 2.5-month cliff followed by a 24-months linear unlock process. The cliff is designed to give the team enough time to arrange and negotiate the initial batch of partnerships before unlocking the tokens unnecessarily.


12-mo lockup, monthly unlock for 24 months.

The liquidity allocation will serve a 12-month lockup on a decentralized exchange and then unlock over the 24-month period.

The long lockup period is implemented to ensure there is always enough liquidity for the traders and give certainty to the investors.

1CC tokenomics are designed by the latest industry standards and guiding principles to ensure long-term ecosystem growth. If you’d like to share any feedback or suggestions on tokenomics, email us at

Grow crypto with One Click,
The One Click Team

To participate in the token sale, email us at



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