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One Click Crypto In Dubai 2022

October 2022 summary of One Click Crypto’s blockchain and web3 events in Dubai.

Mini Report

Alongside a dozen side events, the three main events we attended were:
- Oct 4–5 Blockchain Economy Summit
- Oct 5–6 Crypto Expo
- Oct 10–14 Future Blockchain Summit as a part of GITEX GLOBAL

One Click Crypto’s CEO Max in front of Crypto Expo Dubai.

About One Click Crypto

One Click Crypto is a global investment management firm specializing in AI-powered data-driven cryptocurrency portfolio optimization. One Click Crypto creates easy-to-use investment products and digital interfaces for retail and institutional investors alike.

About Blockchain Economy Summit

The Blockchain Economy Summit is one of the world’s largest blockchain conference networks, bringing together key crypto industry players and experts to redefine the future of finance.

About Crypto Expo Dubai

CED2023 is the 4th Edition of the Middle East’s largest Crypto event for Traders, Investors, Affiliates, and Crypto Industry Leaders to network and explore new business opportunities in the crypto space.

About GITEX Global 2022

GITEX GLOBAL unites the most influential ecosystems in the world to advance business, economy, society, and culture through the sheer force of innovation.

Image credits: GITEX Global 2022.



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