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One Click Crypto Report (Oct 2022)

Get the latest crypto market summary in one click. Find out the greatest BTC trades in the last 13 years and the top 7 AI investments that CEOs, retailer traders, and VCs buy.

Part 1: Market Summary

1.1 Cryptocurrency Market

Bitcoin (BTC) closed October at $20,410 with a change of +5.89%, while Ethereum (ETH) traded at $1,561 or +18.37%. Dogecoin (DOGE) gained over +100% ROI in one week.

Overall cryptocurrency performance for October 2022 (taken on Oct 31 at 23:59 UTC). Source: CoinCodex
Market data for October 2022 (taken on Oct 31 at 23:59 UTC). Source: CoinCodex
Chart of Total Value Locked in DeFi protocols between Aug 1 — Oct 31. Source:

Top Crypto News In October

[Oct 1, 2022] Investors Sell Euros and Pounds For Bitcoin At a Rapid Rate
According to Messari data, investors are selling the Euro and British Pound for Bitcoin in record numbers. Thomas Dunleavy, a senior research analyst at the company, tweeted: “If your currency was rapidly depreciating, what would you buy to protect your purchasing power? The answer for Euro and Pound holders has been #Bitcoin”

Image Source Messari research on Twitter

1.2 Macroeconomic Outlook

Every month, we analyze the global economic picture in relation to other risky assets. That shows us how cryptocurrencies perform on a larger scale and if there is a correlation between markets.

Chart of SP500’s price history between Oct 1 — Oct 31. Source: TradingView
  • Non-energy prices fell -1.2%.
  • Agricultural prices eased +0.7%.
  • Food prices increased by +0.8%, led by grains at +5.7%.
  • Beverages and raw materials declined by -6.4% and -3.2%, respectively.
  • Fertilizer prices lessened by -3.7%.
  • Metal prices dropped by -1.7%, led by tin at -8.2%, iron ore at -7.3%, and zinc at -5%.
  • Precious metals eased +0.4%.

Part 2: Research

Crypto trading and AI. These are the two things that shape One Click Crypto and the 67,000 words of research documents we released in the past twelve months. This time, we take a completely different look at it.

Greatest Crypto Trades Of The Last 13 Years

🧬 7 Ways To Invest In Artificial Intelligence

Part 3: One Click Crypto AI Performance

The performance of One Click Crypto (1CC) is detailed in the following section, beginning with the aggregated returns from October 2022 for all trading strategies that ran for the entire month.

Data from Oct 1, 2022, 00:00 UTC to Oct 31, 2022, 23:59 UTC. Source: 1CC app
The example is from an investor’s case study from the One Click Crypto August Report.

3.1 Best-Performing AI Strategies

The most profitable AI trading bots in October were Astral v2: +3.77%, Performer v2: +3.18% & Endeavour: +2.63%.

Table of the net return of the top 3 AI strategies at 1CC in October 2022. Data Source: 1CC app

3.2 Best-Performing Market Pairs

Below are the three most profitable market pairs for One Click Crypto’s trading bots. Unsurprisingly, all of them are in DOGE pairs with DOGE: USDT for the Explorer AI at first with a +73.76% ROI.

October 2022 return of the best-performing market pairs and the strategy used for them. Source: 1CC app

3.3 Long-term Performance

Despite having a great month-to-month performance again, Ethereum still has not recovered from its losses in the previous six months. In fact, over a 180 days period, both BTC and ETH are down by roughly 40%, while the longest-running active strategies at One Click have remained between -2% and +2%.

The average return of all active 1CC strategies for the last 1,3 and 6 months, as of October 31, 2022. Source: 1CC app

3.4 Historical Track Record

Outperforming Bitcoin

One Click Crypto vs. BTC Jan 15, 2021 — Oct 31, 2022. Source: 1CC Internal Stats
One Click Crypto vs. ETH Jan 14, 2021 — Oct 31, 2022. 1CC Internal Stats
A trading bot that traded a LUNA pair for over four months. Source: 1CC app.
Trade history of one of the AI bots that fell under the LUNA apocalypse. Source 1CC app.

3.5 Trade History Analysis

After several months of market dominance, this time, the AI did not have the best trading performance. That can be attributed to the start of a new cycle to which the bots need to adapt for better long-term results.

Performance chart on ETH: USDT, Performer v2 AI vs. Buy-and-hold, 01.10.2022–01.11.2022, via the 1CC app.
Trade history on ETH: USDT, Performer v2 AI vs. Buy-and-hold, 01.10.2022–01.11.2022, via the 1CC app.
Performance chart on BNB: USDT, Performer v2 AI vs. Buy-and-hold, 01.10.2022–01.11.2022, via the 1CC app.
Trade history on BNB: USDT, Performer v2 AI vs. Buy-and-hold, 01.10.2022–01.11.2022, via the 1CC app.

3.6 Community Feedback

Our Discord server, also known as ‘One Click Crypto Hub’ kept growing in October, as new marketing activities brought fresh members to the community. There are also four new channels:

  • TA Ideas: technical analysis ideas by our investors.
  • PnL: a place for sharing quick screenshots of your trading bots’ profits or losses.
  • Feature Requests: dedicated channel for making requests for new features or updates.
Source: One Click Crypto Discord.
Source: One Click Crypto Discord
View of the One Click Crypto app. Source: 1CC app.

Part 4: Company News

Oct 2022 was a pivotal month in One Click’s history as it involved rebranding from One Button to One Click and expanding the general company vision into the web3 domain which enabled the official launch of the 1CC token.

4.1 One Button Capital Becomes One Click Crypto

On Oct 25, 2022, One Button Capital announced that it becomes One Click Crypto. The rebranding involves several reasons for both high-level strategic vision and aesthetic purposes.

4.2 1CC Token Launch

Furthermore, with its rebrand, One Click Crypto is launching a new token under the ticker 1CC in Q1 2023. The new token will serve as an integral part of the new One Click Crypto web3 product ecosystem and be a mechanism for holders to generate higher yields on their assets.

4.3 1CC Tokenomics

The 1CC token will have the following allocation:

4.4 $1,000,000 Airdrop for OBT Holders

For its upcoming 1CC token launch, One Click Crypto will allocate $1,000,000 worth of its supply to OBT holders. A total of 2,857,142.857 1CC tokens based on their public sale price of $0.35 will be airdropped to all holders of OBT.

4.5 One Click Crypto Events

After the thriving marketing campaign in Asia during the summer, the One Click Crypto team went to Dubai for three of the largest DeFi and Web3 events of the year.

Picture in front of Crypto Expo in Dubai on Oct 5, 2022.

4.6 Product Updates

This Month’s Updates

  • “Refresh balance” functionality to manually refresh the available balance
  • Indicators that warn about high exchange fees
  • Resolved bugs related to FTX average order fill price and stop-loss configuration
  • Resolved miss-calculation for MDD and market MDD
  • Resolved issue with Bitpanda Pro order fill price
  • Resolved order execution issues for FTX main accounts
  • Resolved issue with 0 for order price on (order rejection by exchange)
  • Resolved Binance.US bug that didn’t allow certain stop-loss orders to be retrieved from the exchange

Final Word

Bear markets create wealth, but only a handful of people do what is necessary when the chance occurs. The average length of a crypto recession is 289 days, and it’s been almost 1 year since the markets started to plummet last November. Now a year later, it looks like a crypto renaissance is forming, with top digital assets like BNB surging by +20.02% in the past week alone.



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