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The 66-Days Bitcoin Case Study

Revealing the tools that crypto whales use to manage their wealth.

Unveiling The Secret Crypto Trading Bot Report

In the last 12 months, we published over 60 weekly trading reports on Twitter and Telegram. We also got thousand of objective feedback from our investors. We shared with you both the ups and downs.

Doing 25% Better Than Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin accounts for up to 42.50% of the global liquidity invested in crypto, while Ethereum takes its fair share of about 18%.

NOW! Here is the 66-Day Bitcoin Experiment:

  • Positive net gain of +8,81% during a bear market
  • Less than one trade per day (typical for downtrends)
  • Second highest profit factor market pair (TRX being first for the same bot)

Is this jerry-picked?

Okay, but does it work only for Bitcoin? Was it a lucky strike?

Saving More Of The Portfolio From Catastrophic Losses

Tiago also ran a Performer v2 bot in the Binance Coin/USD market pair. And here is where things get a little bit tricky….

The most noticeable things here are:

  • 64% of the trades were indeed profitable (equal to the BTC pair)
  • A net loss due to the larger volumes during the bad trades
  • It’s the only one of 5 crypto pairs that didn’t score a positive profit factor

How Does It Compare To The Other Bots?

Luckily, our analyst ran several other trading robots during the same period. Here’s a brief overview of their results and what they mean:


The 66-days Bitcoin experiment can be viewed as the report that put the last nail on the coffin in the trading bots debate.



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