12 More Arbitrum Yield Farms Airdropping Free $ARB Tokens

Are you STILL missing The Arbitrum Short Term Incentive Program (STIP) and ongoing airdrops?

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As we have seen in the first article of our airdrop series, Arbitrum has led DeFi innovation and still is gaining traction among L2s, with many protocols innovating in the space, not to cite the grants and incentives campaigns managed by ArbitrumDAO.

The result translates into many opportunities to farm and get airdrops.

Let’s therefore continue with our selected and confirmed Arbitrum airdrops!

Confirmed Airdrops

1. Gains Network

Gains, a dApp that allows on-chain leveraged trading, has been granted 4.5M ARB (STIP), of which 3.825M tokens are allocated to trading incentives, and 675K $ARB towards liquidity incentives.

The program will be live until March 2024.

  • To earn ARB, gTraders need to perform trading activities such as positive PnL, fees paid, and protocol loyalty.

Step-by-step strategy:

  1. Go to https://gains.trade/.
  2. Selected “Trade”.
  3. Start Trading.
ARB rewards info tab — https://gains.trade/portfolio/rewards


  • The more fees you pay, the higher your reward.
  • The more you earn in profits, the higher your reward.
  • The more your relative profits, the higher your reward.
  • The more days you trade, the higher your reward.

More details about the program here.

2. VaultCraft

VaultCraft offers the possibility to build, launch, and boost custom DeFi strategies, and has recently introduced Lock vaults that enable you to deposit, lock, and earn Fraxlend APY, and in addition $ARB rewards.

  • All you need to do to be rewarded in $ARB is providing liquidity to Lock Vaults.

Step-by-step strategy:

  1. Go to https://app.vaultcraft.io/lock-vaults.
  2. Select a vault.
  3. Deposit liquidity.
Lock Vaults — VaultCraft app

All the info here.

3. Lodestar Finance

Lodestar is an Arbitrum-native money market, that thanks to the partnership with Frax Finance, ARB rewards deriving from STIP — won by Frax — are also on Lodestar (specifically on the $FRAX token).

But STIP incentives are also on other assets as well, in fact 95% of ARB rewards are distributed to all market participants (lender and borrowers).

  • To earn ARB you just need to deposit liquidity.

Step-by-step strategy:

  1. Go to https://app.lodestarfinance.io/markets.
  2. Select “Markets”.
  3. Select an asset.
  4. Supply or borrow liquidity.
Lending Pools — Lodestar app

More info here.

4. WOOFi

WooFi, a cross-chain DEX, has received and allocated 1M ARB rewards (STIP), and these will be airdropped to users until March 2024.

  • There are several ways to earn $ARB, specifically:

WooFi Earn, WooFi Swaps, WooFi Pro, WooFi Stake, and WooFi Cross-Chain Swaps.

Step-by-step strategy:

  1. Go to https://woo.org/.
  2. Select one of the 6 products eligible for ARB rewards.
  3. Perform tasks based on the product (example: WooFi Earn → Deposit liquidity).
WooFi Earn — WooFi appWooFi Earn — WooFi app

All the details in this WooFi guide: https://woo.org/blog/en/1m-arb-incentives-are-coming-to-woofi.

5. Rodeo Finance

Rodeo, a leveraged yield protocol, features multiple pools with embedded STIP rewards.

The initial amount being distributed is 20,000 ARB to LPs over 6 months and 30,000 ARB to farmers in the GMX V2 pools over 6 months.

The incentivized pools are the GMX V2 farms, the jUSDC one, and the USDC liquidity pool.

  • To earn ARB you need to provide liquidity to the pools cited above.

Step-by-step strategy:

  1. Go to https://www.rodeofinance.xyz/farm.
  2. Select “Farms”.
  3. Provide liquidity GMX V2 farms, jUSDC, or USDC pool.
  4. Claim rewards in the “Rewards” section.
Rodeo Farms — Rodeo app

All the info here.

GMX V2 farm: https://twitter.com/Rodeo_Finance/status/1748062741989097565?s=19.

6. Vertex Protocol

Vertex, an order book DEX for perpetual and spot market, has been granted 3M ARB (STIP) and created its program divided into weeks.

Currently Week12 is live with new ARB rewards.

These rewards will be distributed every week until 28 February 2024.

  • There are two ways to earn ARB rewards:

Trade on Vertex (any trade on Vertex that pays a taker fee will earn ARB incentives up to a 75% maximum of the total taker fee paid), or provide liquidity to Elixir Fusion Pools.

Step-by-step strategy (Trading):

  1. Go to https://app.vertexprotocol.com/portfolio/overview.
  2. Select “Trade”.
  3. Perform trades.
  4. ARB earned will be claimable here.
Trade Section — Vertex app

Step-by-step strategy (Liquidity Providing):

  1. Go to https://app.vertexprotocol.com/pools.
  2. Select a Fusion Pool.
  3. Provide liquidity.
Fusion Pools — Vertex app

All the details here.

7. JonesDAO

Jones, a DeFi strategy vault protocol, recently extended its STIP rewards (350K ARB) to 29 March 2024.

  • To earn $ARB rewards, you need to provide $jUSDC & $jGLP into STIP farms.

Step-by-step strategy:

  1. Go to https://app.jonesdao.io/farms.
  2. Select “Farms”.
  3. Stake jUSDC or jGLP.
jUSDC and jGLP Farms — JonesDAO app

For more info: https://twitter.com/JonesDAO_io/status/1747670680122839339?s=19.

8. GoodEntry

GoodEntry, a decentralized liquidity provider of derivatives market and trading platform, has recently announced their new STIP boost of 200K ARB.

The boost is directed to all USDC Vaults.

  • To earn $ARB you just need to provide liquidity into at least one USDC Vault.

Step-by-step strategy:

  1. Go to https://degen.goodentry.io/ezvaults/.
  2. Select “ezvaults”.
  3. Provide liquidity to at least one USDC vault.
Ezvaults — GoodEntry app

For more info: https://goodentrylabs.medium.com/arb-incentives-going-live-fac399e1f2da.

9. unshETH

unshETH provides on-chain staking yields and swaps for LSDs, and lately received 375K ARB, which starting from 22 January 2024, will be distributed as rewards for unshETH users on Arbitrum, and last until March/May 2024.

  • To earn ARB rewards you need to provide liquidity to farms, specifically:

Camelot, Timeswap, Gusher, and DeFiEdge.

Step-by-step strategy:

  1. Go to https://unsheth.xyz/farms.
  2. Select “Farms”.
  3. Provide liquidity to a pool cited above.
unshETH Farms — unshETH app

All the info here.

10. Rage Trade

Rage Trade, an Arbitrum perp aggregator, has received 900K ARB and it is distributing them week by week.

ARB is used as a trading incentive, or rebate for trading fees. So you can trade with 0.012% fees.

  • To earn ARB you just need to trade on Rage.

Step-by-step strategy:

  1. Go to https://www.app.rage.trade/trade/ETH-USD.
  2. Select “Trade”.
  3. Perform trades.
Trade section — Rage Trade app

More info here.

11. Notional Finance

Notional is a fixed-rate lending protocol. Its V3 went live on Arbitrum in November 2023, and now it has received 500K ARB (STIP), and these STIP incentives will be live until 31 March 2024.

  • To earn ARB rewards you need to provide liquidity.

The assets that involve ARB incentives are $USDC, $DAI, $ETH, $FRAX, $USDT, $wstETH, $rETH, $wBTC.

Step-by-step strategy:

  1. Go to https://arbitrum.notional.finance/portfolio/overview.
  2. Select “Earn Yield”.
  3. Then “Provide Liquidity”.
  4. Deposit liquidity into one of the pools.
Incentivized Pools — Notional V3 app

All the info here.

12. Perennial Finance

Perennial, a DeFi Derivatives Primitive Protocol, has received a total of 750K that it’s distributing until February 2024.

Season 6 is currently live and sees ARB rewards for both traders and liquidity providers.

  • Traders:

The majority of ARB goes to fee rebates, while 10k ARB is earmarked for OI rewards

Step-by-step strategy (Trading):

  1. Go to https://app.perennial.finance/trade.
  2. Select “Trade”.
  3. Perform trades.
Trade section — Perennial Finance
  • Liquidity Providers

They simply get boosted yields.

Step-by-step strategy (Liquidity Providing):

  1. Go to https://app.perennial.finance/earn.
  2. Select “Earn”.
  3. Provide liquidity to one of the available vaults.
Earn section — Perennial app

All the info here.


That’s it!

If you have missed our previous article, go check it out as there are 12 more Arbitrum airdrop opportunities inside it.

Also, many more opportunities are coming to Arbitrum in the next months, in fact at One Click Crypto we’re launching our DeFi + AI Analytics app on Arbitrum soon!

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