One Click Crypto At Paris Blockchain Week’s Startup Competition

We’re in the top 10 and there’s $10M worth of prizes on the line

One Click Team
One Click Labs


One Click Crypto has secured a place in the top 10 at Paris Blockchain Week’s Start in Block competition for the most promising web3 startups.

Paris Blockchain Week is a leading organization in the crypto/web3 space. Dedicated to fostering innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, their events shine a spotlight on all that is fresh and new in the world of blockchain technology. Especially their Start in Block competition.

The competition consisted of 800+ applicants, so making it to the final 10 is already an achievement. However, with over $10Bn of VC AUM present and $10M in prizes, grants, funding, and credits up for grabs, we’ll be fighting for number one!

A strong core component of 5 of our One Click Crypto team members will be on site manning our private booth and giving out 1CC swag from April 9–11th, and our presentation is on Thursday, April 11th. If selected to be in the final 4, we’ll present again at the Meet The Drapers Show later on Thursday.

Win or lose, we see this as an opportunity to expand our relationship with high profile builders and organizers in the space and propel One Click Crypto into the spotlight at one of Paris’ most prestigious Web3 events of the year!

For more information, check out the Paris Blockchain Week website or give them a follow on X:

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