One Click Crypto Whitepaper

Our vision behind the future of DeFi yield and portfolio management

One Click Team
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The Current State of DeFi: Problems

In a world full of financial complexities, One Click Crypto was born out of a simple vision: to make DeFi products not just accessible but effortless for everyone. We recognized the paradox of choice and the paralysis it can induce. With a plethora of yield farming pools, airdrop programs, and liquidity/staking opportunities, the average user is often overwhelmed, if not entirely deterred. Our mission is to facilitate DeFi adoption by demystifying these complexities, and creating simple easy-to-use web3 products, thereby bringing more users and capital into the web3 universe.

Problem 1: Disconnected & Fragmented Information

DeFi is growing fast, really fast. Every week sees the launch of 22 new DeFi protocols and L1/L2 blockchains on average. Based on Defillama, today we have 246 blockchain networks, over 3,346 DeFi protocols, and more than 10,546 yield-generating pools. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The current DeFi trackers are only capturing about 1/5 of the total DeFi universe, suggesting there might be so many opportunities located below the radars of online dashboards.

For the average person, who’s not glued to their crypto screens all day, the pace is overwhelming. New opportunities, like airdrops, come and go so fast that if you blink, you might miss out on what’s basically free money. It’s like almost every new blockchain layer is throwing out a welcome bonus, but only those in the know can catch it.

Right now, if you are a DeFi user, you have to juggle between a dozen browser tabs, countless Telegram channels, and hundreds of Twitter feeds just to stay in the loop. It’s a lot, and it’s messy.

The composability of DeFi is both a blessing and a curse. The fact that you can interconnect various DeFi protocols with each other offers a great opportunity to create more comprehensive decentralized financial systems, but this creates an additional layer of complexity for an average joe. The terms like LP, impermanent loss, frontrunning, or vote-escrowed governance, don’t help either.

Problem 2: High Risks & Opaqueness of Risks

Everyone who’s been in crypto long enough lost money. It could have happened due to hacks, exploits, wallet drainers, scams, shitcoins, or just poor investments. More than $79 billion was lost in DeFi. It’s almost accepted as ‘normal’ in DeFi. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A big part of the problem is that most DeFi projects don’t talk much about risk. They’re quick to tell you about the profits you could make but tend to skip over what could go wrong. And that’s a big missing piece. When you’re putting your money into something, you should have a clear picture of what the risks are.

16,000%+ APY offered on TITAN by Iron Finance before its collapse

​Users often ask, “What’s the best DeFi opportunity right now?” and “Can I trust this project?” They want to know the risks and what they might earn back as a return. But finding clear answers to these questions isn’t easy. There’s a need for transparency about the risks in DeFi, and so far, it’s not being met.

Problem 3: Clunky UX

The Challenge of Overwhelming Interfaces

DeFi today is like walking into a room where everyone is talking at once. You’ve got information on yields, liquidity pools, and token swaps coming at you from all sides. It’s a lot. For instance, a DeFi platform might show you 10 different numbers and percentages for a simple deposit, but which one do you need to care about? This information overload isn’t just confusing — it’s a roadblock for people who are new to DeFi.

The Necessity for Intuitive Design

When it comes to design, less is often more. The best tools out there are ones that don’t make you think too hard, like Google’s search bar. It’s a model of simplicity. That’s what we need in DeFi: a clean, straightforward design that anyone can understand at a glance. No one should need a manual to figure out where to click to make a deposit or check their balance. An intuitive interface isn’t just nice to have; it’s crucial for bringing DeFi to a wider audience.

The Grandma Test

Think about your grandma using DeFi. Could she make a trade or lend her tokens without calling you for help? That’s the “Grandma Test,” and right now, most DeFi platforms would fail it miserably. The best test of a product’s user experience is whether it can be used by someone with no prior knowledge of the subject. If we want DeFi to be as big as the internet one day, it has to pass the Grandma Test.

Problem 4: Cross-chain Friction

Imagine you’re shopping online, but each item on your list is sold in a different store, and every store is in a different city. That’s what dealing with multiple blockchain networks can feel like. You might find a great yield opportunity on Ethereum, but the next day, there’s a better one on Arbitrum. Keeping up isn’t just tough; it’s a full-time job. For example, to move your assets from one chain to another often means navigating through a maze of wallet addresses, bridge services, and sometimes even different currencies.

Moreover, each chain has its own set of rules and gas fees, which can eat into your profits if you’re not careful. Transferring tokens between chains can get expensive and risky, as the bridge platforms themselves can be points of vulnerability. In July last year, a major cross-chain bridge was hacked, leading to a loss of over $190 million worth of cryptocurrency. This kind of news can discourage even the most enthusiastic DeFi user.

The cross-chain issue isn’t just about convenience; it’s about security and cost-effectiveness too. Without a solution, DeFi’s growth could stall, with users sticking to what they know rather than seeking the best opportunities.

Problem 5: Variable Yields

DeFi yields are about as stable as the weather in the mountains — bright and sunny one moment, a downpour the next. You might put your crypto into a pool that’s offering a great annual percentage yield (APY) of 30%, but just a week later, it could plummet to 10%. It’s unpredictable. To stay on top of this, you need to be constantly on the lookout, ready to move your assets to where the yields are best.

It’s like having a job where you’re on call 24/7. You need systems to alert you the moment yields change, and then you have to act fast to rebalance your portfolio. And that’s not even touching on impermanent loss.

Managing a DeFi portfolio is like juggling — you’ve got to keep your eyes on all the balls at all times, or else you’ll drop them. It’s intense, and for many, it’s too much. Without the right tools to manage these changes automatically, most people are just watching from the sidelines.

🔮 Our Grand Vision

An ideal world where everyone is using DeFi through one click.

Imagine a world where the entire DeFi universe is at your fingertips. Every pool, every airdrop you’ve ever wanted to explore is collected in one user-friendly platform. This isn’t just a list; it’s a community-driven and AI-powered resource that grows smarter every day, much like Wikipedia does for knowledge. In this world, you’re not jumping from one site to another in search of the best DeFi opportunities — they’re all here, in one place, updated in real-time.

In this place, everything is transparent. Thanks to AI-powered data insights, you know the risks and returns up front, thanks to clear ratings and scores from reliable sources. It’s about making informed decisions and feeling secure in your choices.

In this place, cross-chain boundaries cease to exist. Managing multi-chain portfolios used to be a headache, right? Now, it’s as smooth as streaming your favorite song. Whether the opportunities are on Ethereum, BNB, or Solana, you’re there with a click. You feel like a local, not a foreigner anymore.

The key to all this? An interface that’s so simple, anyone can use it. It’s not just easy; it’s intuitive. It’s designed for everyone, regardless of how tech-savvy they are. Imagine having an AI-powered DeFi dashboard that not only tracks your positions but also makes them work harder for you, tackling things like rebalancing, reporting, smart alerts, and auto-compounding.

Beyond DeFi

Now picture this: in the next 5 to 10 years, we’re going to see hundreds of millions of new users entering DeFi. It’s inevitable. Every financial asset from stocks to real estate is moving onto the blockchain.

The total value of managed assets worldwide is more than $100 trillion, and there’s a good chance we’ll see these assets being tokenized and traded on-chain in the coming decade.

As all this unfolds, people will need a platform that makes stepping into DeFi simple. That’s where One Click Crypto comes in. Our goal is to be the go-to platform for the next generation of DeFi users. In addition to DeFi and cross-chain aggregation, we’re talking about real tools for real people — things like direct on-ramps that take you from cash to crypto, easy-to-use wallets, and AI that guides you through the DeFi space. Think about having your own One Click Crypto card in your wallet, just like the credit cards you use today.

So, as DeFi becomes home to every imaginable asset, One Click Crypto aims to be the bridge for everyday users to this new world. We’re not just building a platform; we’re building an ecosystem that’s welcoming, that’s intuitive, and that’s ready for the future of finance. And it’s all just one click away.

🟡 Introducing One Click Crypto

Imagine you’re new to DeFi. You’ve just set up your Metamask wallet and added $500 in USDT. What’s next? Where do you go from here? It’s easy to feel lost with so much information out there. That’s exactly what One Click is here to solve.

Consolidating Information: One Click Crypto brings everything into one simple platform. Instead of having ten tabs open on your computer to track different opportunities, you have just one that shows you everything.

Educating on Risk & Safety Factors: Then there’s the matter of understanding the risks. It’s like when you buy a gadget; you want to know the pros and cons before you decide. One Click Crypto app allows you to see the risks upfront for every DeFi opportunity, clear and simple.

Seamless Unified UX: The One Click platform is designed to be super user-friendly. All the data about opportunities is consolidated and well-organized, making the experience extremely coherent.

Saving Gas Fees: By using transaction batching and smart routing mechanisms, One Click Crypto protocols help you save on typically high fees coming with blockchain transactions.

For you, this means you won’t miss out on DeFi opportunities because they’re too hard to find or too complicated to understand. Whether it’s a high-yield pool just opened or an airdrop about to be released, you’re in the loop instantly. There’s no chasing; the opportunities come to you.

Additionally, you get all types of DeFi strategies aggregated in one place, which adds trust and security, which in turn creates a simplified user experience.

Explore the complete One Click Crypto ecosystem in the Products section

Yield Explorer

Risk & Safety Scores

Airdrop Tracker

Airdrop + Yield Farming Composability

One-Click Zaps

Gas Optimization

Rebalancer & Auto-Compounder

AI-Assisted Onboarding: Portfolio Builder

Farming Vaults & Structured Products

Onboarding More Web2 Users

🧭 Yield Explorer

Yield Explorer is the foundation for the rest of the One Click Crypto product ecosystem.

Yield Explorer is an online tool that helps regular people find DeFi yields and airdrops.

Unique Features

Yield Explorer is not an average yield aggregator. It bolsters a unique set of features that makes it more appealing to the mass market:

  • Complete Database: Yield Explorer contains information about 20,000+ DeFi pools and strategies, giving you a complete overview of yield opportunities.
  • Transparent Risk & Safety Scores: Each pool in the Yield Explorer database has a 1–10 “safety score”, giving you full transparency of the risks involved. The scores are aggregated from trusted auditor providers like DefiSafety, Redefine, CertiK, and more.
  • Yield Composability Map: Find out how to utilize and boost your existing DeFi positions on other DeFi protocols with Yield Explorer’s Composability Map. It maintains a complete database of how various DeFi pools and protocols are interconnected with each other giving you a better overview of what you can do with your yield. More info available in Airdrop + Yield Farming Composability
  • Airdrop Tracker: Yield Explorer shows additional airdrops you can potentially get by using any given DeFi pool or protocol. Let it be an incentive program boost or a future token airdrop, it will be displayed on a Yield Explorer interface. View the complete database of airdrops in Airdrop Tracker

Yield Explorer for DeFi is like…

Bloomberg Terminal for Finance: Known for providing financial data and analytics, Yield Explorer is similar to a Bloomberg Terminal for the DeFi space, offering comprehensive data and insights.

Wikipedia for Information: Wikipedia is a comprehensive information source; Yield Explorer is a comprehensive source for all things DeFi.

Google Maps for Travel: Just as Google Maps guides travelers, Yield Explorer is a navigational tool for exploring the DeFi landscape.

IMDb for Movies: IMDb is the definitive source for movie information; Yield Explorer serves a similar role for information on DeFi pools.

How it Works

Explore all available DeFi yield pools and strategies, including DeFi staking pools, liquidity pools, lending pools, vaults, yields from tokenized real-world assets, and more.

Filter them by Chain, Asset, TVL, APY, and Risk Scores.

“Explore Yields” page. Note: information displayed is for illustration purposes.

Pool Info Page

Each pool has its unique page on Yield Explorer where you can browse more detailed information about it.

“Pool Info” page. Note: information displayed is for illustration purposes.

Risk Aggregator

Understand the risks related to the strategy by reviewing its ratings and audits provided by third-party security providers. Learn more in Risk & Safety Scores

“Risk Analytics” section. Note: information displayed is for illustration purposes.

In-Depth Analytics

View in-depth info about the strategy, like its capacity, lockups, fees, detailed yield breakdown, and more.

Yield Composability and Airdrops

See additional rewards and airdrops you can earn from using this pool. Explore “Linked Strategies” to find more ways to boost yield for this strategy. See more info about both features separately in Airdrop + Yield Farming Composability and Airdrop Tracker

For Protocol Owners

If you want to integrate your pools to Yield Explorer, reach out to us by filling in this form —

🌡 Risk & Safety Scores

Risk and Safety Scores are at the heart of the user experience on One Click Crypto. In the past, DeFi platforms haven’t always been clear about the risks involved. That’s why they’ve been made as easy to understand as checking the weather.

Every asset, protocol, pool, or smart contract on One Click Crypto comes with a clear Safety Score. This score is right there when you look at an option, giving you an immediate sense of its security level. No more guesswork or uncertainty — just straightforward information.

“Risk Analytics” section. Note: information displayed is for illustration purposes.

How do we determine these scores? Under the hood, the safety scores are sourced from at least 6 data providers, namely: DefiSafety, CertiK Skynet, De.Fi, Redefine, Spool, and Exponential.

By exploring the elements on the page, you can see a detailed breakdown of ratings by all available providers.

If there are multiple ratings for a single pool/asset/protocol, One Click computes a weighted average score and displays it on the frontend.

This feature aims to provide a much more transparent and secure environment for DeFi users to interact with various protocols, pools, and assets on-chain.

If you’re a risk data provider looking to add your expertise to the mix, we’re open to collaboration. Reach out at or join the conversation on our official Discord. Together, we’re making DeFi smarter and safer for everyone.

🪂 Airdrop Tracker

Airdrop Tracker is essentially the Yield Explorer’s counterpart, focusing exclusively on airdrops.

The Airdrop Tracker is your compass in the world of DeFi airdrops. It’s a clear, straightforward hub where you can find and understand more than 300 airdrop opportunities at a glance. Information about each airdrop is neatly presented, including how much you might receive, when you need to act, and what you need to do to qualify.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Airdrop Tracker:

Airdrop Main Page

Get a quick snapshot of the airdrops, neatly organized into categories like ‘Biggest’, ‘New’, and ‘Confirmed’. It’s your dashboard for what’s available and what’s coming up.

Airdrop Tracker main page. Note: information displayed is for illustration purposes.

Airdrop Explorer

Filter airdrops to match your interests. Filter opportunities by network, protocols, status, size, complexity, and other parameters. Whether you’re looking for something on a specific network or with a certain level of reward, it’s all easily searchable.

Airdrop Explorer page with filters. Note: information displayed is for illustration purposes.

Airdrop Details Page

Dive into the specifics of each airdrop. Each airdrop in the Airdrop Tracker database has its own dedicated page where you can explore:

  • Main info about the airdrop
  • All the available parameters like size, time remaining, difficulty level, etc.
  • List of official sources (if airdrop was confirmed)
  • List of tasks/activities to complete to be eligible for an airdrop with links to external platforms.
Airdrop details page. Note: information displayed is for illustration purposes.

Upcoming Features

Soon, you’ll be able to check your wallet eligibility against available airdrops right in the Airdrop Tracker to see which ones you’re already qualified for.

With Airdrop Tracker, we aim to simplify the airdrop discovery process and allow anyone to start their DeFi journey with little or no upfront costs.

🖇 Airdrop + Yield Farming Composability

Airdrop and yield farming are both inherently connected aspects of DeFi. Airdrop farmers often are past yield farmers or vice versa.

One Click Crypto offers a seamless fusion of both aspects within Yield Explorer and Airdrop Tracker.

  • Within Yield Explorer, you’ll be able to see airdrops linked to a certain pool, network, or protocol. This will allow you to instantly detect whether you might be eligible for extra rewards for providing liquidity in a certain pool or staking tokens on a new L1/L2 chain. It’s like having a map where every route you take could lead to hidden treasure.
“Potential Airdrops” and “Linked Strategies” from Yield Explorer
  • Switch over to Airdrop Tracker, and you’ll find that to claim some airdrops, you might need to interact with DeFi pools or protocols. That’s where Yield Explorer comes in again. With its simple, One-Click Zaps function, you can jump into action without fuss or excessive fees, no matter which blockchain you’re on.

In essence, these interconnected features are like gears in a well-oiled machine, working together to ensure that your steps in the DeFi space are both rewarding and cost-effective. Whether you’re zapping into a new opportunity or collecting on airdrops, the process is smooth, interconnected, and optimized for your benefit.

⚡️One-Click Zaps

The “One Click Zap” feature completely revolutionizes the way you enter DeFi pools.

It’s as easy as shopping online:

  1. Select the pools you like from 10,000+ opportunities available on Yield Explorer
  2. Note: you can also use a built-in AI-Assisted Onboarding: Portfolio Builder to help you identify the right pools
  3. Add them to your “Portfolio”. Think of it as adding items to your shopping cart.
  4. Specify the weights/proportions of each pool in your portfolio.
  5. Once you’ve made your choices, click “Zap” or “Checkout”.
  6. Choose an asset (e.g. USDT) and specify position size.
  7. Confirm a transaction on your Metamask or any other web3 wallet
  8. Receive all the LP tokens from the pools directly to your wallet.

One Click Crypto protocol takes care of all the routing, conversions, deposits, and bridging on the backend so you can enjoy the convenience of the transaction.

This solution offers numerous benefits:

Simplify the Process: One Click Zaps let you deposit into your selected pools all at once, streamlining what would traditionally be a series of complex steps.

Save on Gas Fees: By batching transactions, One Click Zaps minimizes the cost associated with each transaction, making your DeFi journey more efficient.

Flexibility: You can zap into one pool or multiple. You can easily deposit in an entire portfolio of 10–30 pools with just one click.

Stay in Control: All your positions remain in your wallet. One Click Crypto doesn’t take possession or custody of your coins, they are simply routed to the underlying DeFi protocols and linked back to your wallet.

This approach not only makes DeFi more accessible but also ensures that you’re fully equipped to make the most of your DeFi positions with ease and confidence.

⛽️ Gas Optimization

One Click Crypto is designed with efficiency in mind, especially when it comes to saving on gas fees. In the DeFi world, every transaction on the blockchain incurs a cost known as “gas fees.” These can add up quickly, especially when you’re actively managing multiple DeFi investments across various chains.

1. Batching Transactions: One Click Crypto utilizes a transaction batching system, a smart feature that combines multiple actions into a single transaction. This is particularly evident in the One-Click Zaps feature, where you can deposit in multiple pools or even entire portfolios with just one click. By doing so, the platform significantly reduces the total number of transactions you need to make, directly cutting down on the gas fees you pay.

2. Optimized Routing: One Click Crypto platform intelligently finds the most gas-efficient routes for your transactions. Whether you’re zapping into pools or simply moving assets, One Click Crypto ensures that your actions cost you the least amount in gas fees.

3. Smart Contract Efficiency: The backbone of One Click Crypto is built on highly optimized smart contracts designed to use the least amount of gas possible. This means that even the standard operations on the platform are more cost-effective compared to other platforms.

By integrating these gas-saving strategies, One Click Crypto not only enhances your DeFi experience but also ensures that your DeFi activities are not unduly eroded by high transaction costs. With One Click Zaps, you get the dual benefit of streamlined positions and minimized gas fees, making your DeFi journey both smoother and more economical.

🔄 Rebalancer & Auto-Compounder

All-in-One Dashboard for Rebalancing and Position Management

After setting up your DeFi positions, managing them should be easy. That’s why One Click includes a dashboard designed just for that. It’s your one-stop for keeping everything in check.

Dashboard Features:

  • One-Click Withdrawal and Management: Move or adjust all your positions with just one click, making it as easy as your initial setup through One-Click Zaps.
  • Rebalancing Alerts: If the yields of your current portfolio fall below a certain threshold, you will receive a notification with a more up-to-date portfolio that matches your profile. You can then rebalance into this portfolio in a single click.
  • Harvest and Compound: Collect your rewards manage auto-compounding settings.
  • Real-time portfolio valuation & analytics: a live view of your portfolio’s current value and performance. Analyze metrics like ROI, volatility, and comparison against market benchmarks.
  • Risk assessment updates: See updated risk scores for each position in your portfolio
  • Custom Alerts: Set alerts for the things that matter to you, like hitting your targets or big market shifts.

This dashboard isn’t just about tracking; it’s about making your DeFi journey smoother and more intuitive.

🤖 AI-Assisted Onboarding: Portfolio Builder

One Click Crypto utilizes AI to simplify the user onboarding experience and offer personalized insights tailored to an individual user.

Diving into DeFi can be overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure where to start. That’s where One Click Crypto’s AI-Assisted Onboarding and Portfolio Builder come into play, designed to tailor your DeFi journey to your unique preferences and experience level.

Here is how it works:

  1. Connect a wallet or scan your address
  2. The One Click AI analyzes your on-chain transaction history to determine your profile
  3. Pass a quick 10-question quiz to provide a more accurate picture of your profile.
  4. One Click AI showcases various DeFi opportunities sourced from Yield Explorer aligned with your profile.

The Portfolio Builder is more than just a tool; it’s your gateway to a DeFi experience that feels like it was crafted just for you. With AI-assisted onboarding, One Click Crypto makes your entry into DeFi not just easy, but excitingly personal.

Ongoing AI Development

In addition to the existing portfolio personalization features, there are several major AI features and improvements on the One Click Crypto roadmap, such as:

  1. Automated Portfolio Rebalancing: AI that monitors market conditions and user portfolios in real-time, suggesting or automatically executing rebalancing actions to maintain the desired risk-return profile.
  2. Predictive Yield Forecasting: AI that analyzes historical data and current market trends to predict future yield opportunities, aiding users in making informed decisions about asset allocation.
  3. Fraud Detection and Security: AI-driven systems that continuously scan for unusual activity within the ecosystem, enhancing the security of user assets and identifying potential scams or fraudulent schemes.
  4. Personalized Risk Assessment: AI that offers personalized risk assessments for users, considering their unique financial situations, past behaviors, and risk tolerance, beyond standard safety scores.
  5. Sentiment Analysis for Investment Insights: AI that analyzes social media, news, and other online sources to gauge market sentiment, providing users with insights that could influence DeFi market movements.
  6. Smart Contract Auditing: AI that performs preliminary audits of smart contracts associated with listed DeFi pools and protocols, adding an extra layer of security and trust.
  7. Behavioral Analytics for UI/UX Improvements: AI that studies how users interact with the platform, identifying pain points and areas for improvement to enhance the overall user experience.
  8. AI-Driven Educational Content: Based on user interactions and expressed interests, AI curates and recommends educational content to help users better understand DeFi concepts, strategies, and risks involved.
  9. Chatbot Support: An AI-powered chatbot that provides instant support, answering user queries about DeFi, guiding them through platform features, and offering troubleshooting assistance.
  10. Market Trend Analysis: AI tools that continuously analyze DeFi market trends, providing users with up-to-date information on emerging opportunities, potential downturns, and overall market health.

Farming Vaults & Structured Products

One Click Crypto also aims to offer a few pre-packaged DeFi yield products tailored toward asset managers, larger funds, or providers.

These products would help to provide diversified exposure to various DeFi sectors within a single instrument.

The products would have the following properties:

  • Constructed using risk & safety methodology in mind: Using the unique One Click Crypto’s Risk & Safety Scores methodology, the robust diversified portfolios can be crafted
  • Yield bearing: These products are not just about safety; they’re also about harnessing the potential of DeFi to generate yields.
  • Auto-compounding
  • Automatically rebalanced

The details are outlined in the Methodology section.

🌉 Onboarding More Web2 Users

One of the core goals of One Click Crypto is to ensure onboarding to DeFi is as smooth as possible for Web2 users. To achieve this, a variety of features have been developed to ensure accessibility, simplicity, and familiarity.

  • On-Ramping Tools: Start your DeFi journey effortlessly with intuitive on-ramping solutions, converting fiat to crypto without prior crypto holdings.
  • Integrated Wallet: A built-in wallet feature removes the complexity of managing digital assets, offering a secure and straightforward solution for newcomers.
  • Branded Debit/Credit Cards: Experience the ease of spending crypto with One Click’s branded cards, merging the crypto and traditional finance worlds seamlessly
  • Demo Mode: New to DeFi? Engage with our risk-free demo mode, where you can explore and learn the platform’s functionalities without real-world financial commitments.
  • Mobile App: Stay connected to your DeFi activities on the go with One Click’s mobile application, designed for optimal user experience and accessibility.

These features are specifically tailored to lower the entry barriers into the DeFi space, providing tools and services that let users without Metamask or other web3 wallets get onboarded on their DeFi journey.

🔢 Data Crowdsourcing

How did Wikipedia become the go-to for information on just about anything?

How did Stack Overflow become indispensable for programmers worldwide?

The answer lies in the power of collective knowledge — the community.

The DeFi market is a maze of disconnected information and fragmented data, making it tough for users to find reliable and up-to-date details. This is a real challenge for anyone in DeFi.

At One Click Crypto, we’re tapping into that same collective force to ensure the data is the most accurate and current in the DeFi space.

Creating a Unified Information Hub: A platform is needed where the latest, most reliable DeFi data can be found easily. Imagine a system where every user can contribute to a shared knowledge base, like a living encyclopedia for DeFi, constantly updated with fresh content from active community members.

Real People, Real Data Such a platform allows anyone, anywhere, to contribute to our growing database. Think of it as the most expansive, community-driven library for DeFi. And it’s not static; it evolves. When DeFi changes, One Click Crypto changes with it, thanks to real-time updates from people who know the ropes.

Incentivized Accuracy: To build such a robust system, incentives are key. When users contribute valuable data, they receive rewards in the form of points or tokens — a way to thank them for ensuring that everyone has access to trustworthy information. Historically, people have been contributing new content to Wikipedia for free. But with such a reward mechanism, we can achieve growth and accuracy levels far beyond that (think Wikipedia 2.0 on steroids).

Content Submission and Moderation Flow

  1. A user can submit information about the pool, protocol, or an airdrop directly on the One Click Crypto app.
  2. A review process starts, where expert community moderators vet the content for accuracy.
  3. Once approved, it gets added to the platform.
  4. If a user finds an error or outdated info, they can report it, and again, the community jumps in to verify and update.

Looking Forward

Looking ahead, we see a space where anyone can dip their toes into DeFi waters without the fear of outdated or unreliable data. A space where your knowledge contributes to and benefits from a system that rewards truth and timeliness.

So here’s to the builders, the sharers, the contributors. Together, we’re not just participating in DeFi; we’re defining it. And that’s something to be excited about.

🧰 Token Utility

In the rich product ecosystem of One Click Crypto, the token serves 4 fundamental purposes:

  1. Data Curation
  2. Economy of Knowledge
  3. Governance
  4. Growth

Data Curation

As described in Data Crowdsourcing, only within the tokenized environment it is possible to develop a content creation & reward system that would enable the creation of products on the level of data completeness of Wikipedia 2.0 and better.

1CC token stands at the core of fostering a rich and accurate database through data curation. In an environment where details change by the minute, it’s crucial to have a self-updating repository. The token incentivizes users to curate data, ensuring that the information on the platform is constantly refreshed and refined. For example, similar to how Reddit rewards quality content with upvotes, 1CC token holders and data curators are rewarded for their submissions, creating a DeFi information hub that’s as current as the blockchain itself.

Economy of Knowledge

Incentivization is the driving force behind a vibrant and active community. With the 1CC token, users are motivated to engage with the platform, contribute their expertise, and maintain the ecosystem. This isn’t just about compensation; it’s about creating an economy of knowledge where contributions are valued and rewarded. As seen in platforms like Quora, where knowledgeable individuals are recognized for their insights, the 1CC token ensures that those enhancing the platform are duly incentivized.


The token is a pillar for decentralized governance, giving holders the right to vote on key decisions that shape the platform’s future. This participatory approach empowers users to directly influence which networks, protocols, or pools are prioritized in the integration pipelines, fostering a democratic and user-centric ecosystem.


Growth is pivotal for the sustainability and advancement of the One Click Crypto ecosystem. The 1CC token is integral to this, not just as a transactional currency, but as a beacon for scaling the platform. By linking token releases and other activities to milestones like TVL growth, the token directly correlates with the platform’s expansion, incentivizing users to contribute to its success.

The Flywheel Effect

1CC token is allocated to early investors, core contributors, the community, and the project ecosystem.

1CC also is the primary value accrual mechanism for One Click Crypto, where stakers of 1CC receive revenue from the fees from One Click Crypto vaults and products.

Additional Utility

  • Revenue-sharing: as of today’s design, 80% of the revenue generated by the protocol’s smart contracts is split between 1CC stakers
  • Buyback and Burn: the remaining 20% is streamed towards the buyback-and-burn program of the token from the public liquidity pools.
  • Governance: 1CC holders can participate in the governance of the protocol and guide decisions like choosing the next network, protocols, or pools for the integration
  • Discounted fees and rates: 1CC holders receive discounted rates when using the protocol depending on the value of their holdings
  • Boosted yields: 1CC holders can receive increased yields from the pools and vaults featured on the protocol
  • Eligibility for special campaigns: 1CC holders can participate in special protocol campaigns, earn additional airdrops, and get exclusive offers from protocol partners.
  • Priority access to new pools: 1CC holders get fast-track access to new pools and vaults listed on the protocol
  • Cosmetic perks: 1CC holders get exclusive Discord roles, forum tags, project swag, and more cosmetic benefits.

Staking Multiplier Info

Only those who staked 1CC can participate in the revenue share. Staking rewards distribution is based on the following tiers:

  • 24-hour lockup: 0.1x multiplier
  • 1-month lockup: 1x multiplier
  • 3-month lockup: 4x multiplier
  • 6-month lockup: 10x multiplier
  • 12-month lockup: 25x multiplier

Multiplier is applied based on the amount of staked 1CC.

Your % of revenue share = (Your 1CC value * multiplier) / (sum of total 1CC staked * multiplier)

What’s Coming Next

One Click Crypto is closing a limited private token round for early partners and supporters before the upcoming listings. To learn more and register your interest, fill in this form.