Microservices Plugin for Eclipse — alpha version

Microservices Plugin for Eclipse which helps to create microservices components in oneclick.

Available Components
1) Create RestController
2) Create SoapEndpoint
3) Create Interceptor
4) Create Spingfox Swagger Configuration

Under Development
1) Spring Boot Microservices Project Template
2) Spring Services
3) Spring Config Server
4) Spring OAuth 2 Security
5) ELK Logging Configuration

  1. How to install the plugin

Goto Eclipse Marketplace → Search for Microservices Plugin for Eclipse & Install the plugin


2) How to use the plugin

Create spring boot java project from ->http://start.spring.io

Import project into eclipse. Right click goto New → Others → Microservices

Create Interceptor

Create Spring Restcontroller

Restful Endpoint — http://localhost:8080/api

Create Spring Soap Endpoint

Soap Endpoint → http://localhost:8080/ws/sample.wsdl

Create Springfox Swagger Configuration

Swagger Url → Http://localhost:8080/swagger-ui.html