Our vision of great Product Designers

Just recently we restructured our Design Team at Onefootball. There has been a lot going on in the past months and reflecting about the next steps was essential to grow as a team.

This post outlines our vision of product design and the goals & challenges that come along with continually improving our skills and evolving how we collaborate as a team.

Team Setup & Collaboration

The team at Onefootball is multi-cultural (25 different countries) and works in an agile environment, requiring talented people to work together within and across our different teams.

Product Designers at Onefootball are part of the “Product Team” which consists of User Experience, Product Design and Product Management. This close collaboration enables a short communication line and gives everyone the chance to contribute ideas and to shape the future of our product.

Skills & Challenges

Our Product Designers face the challenge to visually communicate the passion for football in the form of interfaces, interactions and prototypes for native apps (iOS, Android, Windows) and the web platform.

They are responsible for turning features from concept into reality, in close collaboration with our engineers and always having in mind to:

  • continuously improve the interface of our native apps and web platform
  • design and iterate on features from the beginning to the final release
  • make use of the existing UI guidelines and a modular framework
  • work closely with the UX team, product managers and engineers
  • create advanced prototypes to test how interactions and features feel
  • communicate and receive feedback within the Product Design Team to bring the product to the next level

Mindset & Pledge

Football is our passion, therefore we value like-minded and enthusiastic people to bring our ideas and dreams to life.

To have a common understanding of how we want to pursue this goal, this manifesto was put together to share the same mindset within the product design team:

  • We are totally dedicated to user centered design
  • We are curious about the latest technical innovations
  • We have a “hands-on” mentality and love nothing more than finding the perfect spot for every shape and pixel
  • We value the positive effect of animations, meaningful transitions and micro interactions and know how to utilize them reasonably
  • We are aware that great prototypes are crucial to validate features and for user testing
  • We want to develop our skills continually across various fields of interest
  • We support each other and stick together like a football team
  • We know the meaning of ‘The game doesn’t finish after 90 minutes’

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to join the team. Always looking forward to your feedback!

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