Interviews, round 2

Here’s Max. And there’s Max.

This is sort of Interviews meets Remarks. I’ve listened to some of Max’s content before, and then I decided to send him a few Qs. He’s a pretty busy guy, so he mostly sent me a couple of links and told me something I’ll share with you.

1) Do you think proper hardware really improves job quality and accelerates deadline response for translation? What are your top recommendations?

MD: Yes, of course. I actually listed my top recommendations in my recent video

2) Share your hardest experience handling a translation job. Something truly challenging, that helped you learn something along the way.

My hardest job actually was back in my generalist days when I hadn’t specialized in subtitling yet — I was asked to translate a satirical comic magazine MAD (Dec 1952 issue).

It was peppered with all kinds of punny references to the famous political figures, athletes, musicians, radio hosts of the time, etc., and it was extremely hard to understand and translate all the wordplay and the somewhat dated language.

It was a long and difficult process — I had to delve into the dictionaries and archives and listen to the 1950s radio shows, peruse through the scans of old newspapers, scrutinize the then-trendy ad campaigns and do a bunch of other things — all to just make sense of the text.

I learned a lot about doing research for my translations and got much better at it as a result. Try to read a short story from that issue (Lady in Mascara, see attached) and see how many references you can get :)

Mad 1
Mad 2

3) What top tips for someone starting out as a translator? And what not to do when translating and subtitling?

Ah, we have these questions answered on our website, right here:

Thanks to @MaxDeryagin for his kind words and awesome knowledge!




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