Interviews, round 4

Let’s greet some fantastic dubbing artists and performers. I’ve stumbled upon a business card of one María Castro Couce, a quadrilingual voice over artist that (as you read) is working from Barcelona

María’s website

1) When I say Yeardley Smith, Seth MacFarlane, Salvador Vidal, you say…

María Catro Couce (MCC): Respect and admiration for all of them. They are so inspiring to many of us.

aka Lisa Simpson

2) When was the first time you fell in love with voice acting and dubbing in general? Did you do impressions as a kid? How did it happen?

MCC: Since I was a kid I was really into movies, series… it was like a dream to become an actor.

In real life, I worked as a businesswoman for many years, and communication was a big part of my job, but I never got into voice acting… until four years ago.

I thought it was an impossible task. People around me always noticed my voice, more than I did! So now I made my dream come true :)

3) How long have you been in the business? And what are the top tips you’d like to share with future dubbing performers?

MCC: I’ve been working in voice acting for four years now. And I feel I am still learning a lot, mainly from colleagues and clients that are in this business for 20–30 years.

This is a passion job, you really need to love it. I would share an article or two with people who want to start as voice actors. They are from much more experienced actors than myself and I took them as my guide at the beginning:

many thanks to María for her lovely words and contributions!



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