Interviews, round 5

Keywords of the then, now, 2099 and beyond: privacy and security. I know nothing about them in detail, so I decided to email an expert: Hanna Bozakov, one of the craftswomen hard at work with Tutanota. If you haven’t heard about Tutanota at this point… well, you might just consider it after this quick read. Oh, and of course we talked some localization!

Hanna Bozakov, head of PR @ Tutanota

1) Did you use human powered translation for Tutanota’s localization, or a hybrid of community contribution and AI?

Hanna Bozakov (HB): Tutanota is the world’s most secure email service and from the start of our service, we have had a global user base, spread all over the world. Being Germans, we first published Tutanota in English and German, but it soon became obvious that more languages were needed.

As our users are very passionate about privacy and want to help us spread privacy within their community, we opted for a community based translation of Tutanota. Today, hundreds of volunteers help us translate Tutanota and, thus, make encrypted email available in more than 30 langues.

We are always actively looking for translators, you can read more about our open source translation project on our blog.

2) What have been the top challenges for Tutanota’s growth in the latest years? Is localization key to its strategy?

HB: The top challenge for Tutanota’s growth is not localization — as this works perfectly well — but speeding up development.

While Tutanota excels in usable security, our encrypted email and calendar service is not yet on par with services such as Gmail and Outlook when it comes to features. This is to be expected as we are a small company focusing on security and privacy. Developing a privacy-first service takes more time than just adding features as we need to take care of doing security right at every step of the process.

Nevertheless, we need to develop features such as offline mode, email import and conversation view much faster. Therefore, we are currently growing our development team to meet the requirements of our users.

Localization is definitely part of our strategy to grow our international user base, and it has helped us a lot in achieving global recognition. With our long-term supporters in our localization project, this also works very well so that all supported languages are constantly being updated and improved.

3) What are your top 3 email provider options and in what language do you usually use them? Btw, does Tutanota offer auto-correct?

Obviously, Tutanota is our email provider of choice. :)

I usually use it in English or German. Tutanota also offers auto-correct in all supported clients, which is the web app, desktop clients for Windows, Linux and macOS as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS.

many thanks to Hanna for her kind words and contributions!



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