The Real “Digital Gold” is Here — and It’s Not Bitcoin

Written by the OneGold Team

As Bitcoin’s rising valuation captured worldwide attention over the last few years, many have started referring to the cryptocurrency as “digital gold.”

Bitcoins are “mined” by racks of high-powered computers, and some early investors struck it rich within the crypto universe. It all conjures images of a 21st-century gold rush. Bitcoin advocates also use the image of a gold token to reinforce the perception that it is digital gold.

On the surface, it’s an easy comparison. Both bitcoin and gold are scarce and stand outside the traditional monetary policy set by central banks. While this gives the two assets similarities, Bitcoin’s digital gold nickname is a misnomer. Unlike real gold, bitcoin cannot boast centuries of use, it is not a proven store of real value, and much of its pricing is fueled by speculation.

OneGold: Digital Assets Backed by Physical Gold or Silver

With, you can now buy a real blockchain-backed, digital asset backed by physical gold or silver. It’s a pathway to a future that blends the advantages of blockchain technology with the stability and intrinsic value of precious metals.

Peter Grosskopf, CEO of Sprott

“There’s really only one kind of digital gold, and it’s not Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies,” says Peter Grosskopf, CEO of Sprott, which partnered with precious metal e-retailer APMEX to develop OneGold.

“What differentiates the digital gold and other precious metals available on OneGold is that they are all backed by physical assets, which customers can redeem for coins, rounds or bars, just as easily as they can buy directly.”

OneGold gives investors a way to purchase gold and silver, store it, and spend it, without having to hold onto the bullion directly. This new site also offers cryptocurrency investors a safer digital coin that can be more easily valued. It blends the ease of use of cryptocurrencies with the security and benefits of holding onto tangible metals.

OneGold digital gold and silver are fully-backed by physical metals held at the Royal Canadian Mint

  • You can redeem OneGold digital precious metals at any time, and receive physical bars and coins delivered to your doorstep
  • You’re safe from the volatility and speculation endemic to cryptocurrencies since OneGold’s products are backed by real gold or silver
  • Unlike cryptocurrencies, you’re not speculating on something with intangible value, since it’s backed by gold or silver and moves with the metal’s prices
  • Just like physical precious metals, digital precious metals on OneGold are a safe haven from inflation or other monetary policies

VaultChain Gold and Silver

Like Bitcoin, the OneGold platform works via a secure, immutable blockchain ledger: VaultChain from the leader in the field, Tradewinds Markets. This allows you to sell or spend your precious metals as you like and payments will process in moments.

Kenneth Lewis, CEO of APMEX, ONEGOLD

Ken Lewis, CEO of APMEX, added, “Providing security, convenience and efficiency is the mission of OneGold. This is reflected in the technology and design of the marketplace, from the industry-leading VaultChain blockchain ledger that immutably records ownership, to our choice of the Royal Canadian Mint as the vault for physical precious metals. In the end, OneGold is unique because it was built by precious metal investors for precious metal investors.”

OneGold is proud to offer you VaultChain™ Gold, the real digital gold