Designing UX/UI without design skills

Some simple tips and tricks to create great looking apps

I’m currently working on further parts to sw-toolbox tutorials, so stay tuned!

What are the things you need to make a our site look great:


No one wants to use an app that doesn’t work. Apps with circuitous menu routes, extra pages and forms will cost you users.

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If the app doesn’t function correctly, forget about making it look pretty.

Make it function

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Use flow diagrams to chart user journey and protoype app logic


If there are small variations in the styling, spacing or size of elements throughout your app, your app won’t look clean and googley.

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Reducing the UI into reusable components, displaying relevant information quickly to the user.

Make it Consistent

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Style guides will help maintain branding through consistent colours, fonts and standard component design


A strong colour scheme and judicious use of drop shadows can really help your app.


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