Meet the OneLedger Team: 10— Shaleen Ladha

To increase our marketing efforts, OneLedger has added a new member to the team. Shaleen Ladha will be operating as the Marketing Associate at OneLedger. Shaleen is a talented individual with a bunch of different experiences. She is a marketing, social media and event planning enthusiast who through working with several well-known companies such as WestJet, Red Bull, Live Nation and NYFW has become proficient in mastering her skillset.

The main reason behind her joining OneLedger is to be able to expand her event planning and marketing abilities into the tech and development world where she believes a startup would benefit from. She is very passionate to learn all about the blockchain world.

Shaleen said,” Through my experience in marketing, I will be able to thoroughly execute each event OneLedger plans on hosting or attending as well as helping to formulate all aspects behind their reach to the wider audience. Through in-person networking, online marketing via social media and various other platforms, I hope to help make OneLedger a worldwide known company.”

Besides working in marketing, Shaleen is also a photographer and enjoys spending her free time to master her skills.

As always, we appreciate all the feedback and support by the OneLedger community.

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