OneLedger v0.9.4 Update

Sahir Parmar
Apr 8 · 2 min read

In our last sprint, we focused on the Performance Testing, Docker Update, Technical Debt and Wallet Front-end.

The list of changes includes:

Protocol v0.9.4


  • Configuration Management Changes within the Protocol
  • Configuration detailed comments
  • Serialization for Persistent Data for client-side
  • Optimize deployment for Chronos
  • Merkle Tree database commit method adjust



  • Storing and managing the Keystore file

In the next sprint, we are finishing up our serialization changes, centralized logging and load testing on Devnet.

NOTE: After the release for 0.9.0, we have reset the Chronos network and purging the current data. This is so that we can run more tests on Chronos and ensure it’s stability.

New Release Management Structure

OneLedger has a new release process. We will continue to update our Master Branch on GitHub on a bi-weekly basis. However, on a Quarterly basis, we will mark a build as a Release Candidate and work with our partners to ensure they update their nodes to the Protocol version for the most recent Release Candidate. This means Chronos will be updated on a quarterly basis.

We are doing this to streamline our release process and structure it for our partners and community. We are starting this process with version 0.9.0. For example, after v0.9.0, our next Chronos update will take place on v0.10.0, while we keep pushing the biweekly updates i.e. v0.9.1, v0.9.2 and so on.

As always, we appreciate all the feedback and support from the OneLedger community.

If you would like to hear more about OneLedger, feel free to follow us on the following channels:

Sahir Parmar

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Community Director at OneLedger. Passionate about the blockchain industry and on a mission to bring this technology towards mass adoption.



OneLedger is a cross-chain app platform designed for developers to extend blockchain technologies. Our Protocol bridges the gap for enterprise applications by providing native connectivity to any centralized or decentralized system, allowing for seamless communication.

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