I Know You Are But What Am I?

Christian A. Dumais
Jun 13 · 8 min read

The Road There

Onely’s CEO Bartosz Góralewicz understood that we couldn’t just coast off of our previous success with a new name. He had to treat the transition into Onely as if he were starting from scratch.

From Bartosz Góralewicz’s “How to Stop Your Company Growth from DRIFTING.”

What We Learned Along the Way

First off, the process is a lot harder than it looks.


My notes from one of the values meetings. I was probably a little more to the point than needed.

1. Excellence Only

  • We want our work to be top shelf, which means that if a mistake is made, there’s no room for excuses. We own it, we make it right, and we learn from it.

2. Data Driven

  • Fortune 100 companies don’t trust us with their websites and sensitive data because of our hunches; they trust us because we know what we’re doing and we have years of data-driven experience to back this up.

3. Digging Deeper

  • We want to lead the way in technical SEO by satisfying our clients above and beyond their expectations and sharing our expertise with the SEO industry as a whole. We believe our success is everyone’s success.
  • By being ahead of the curve, we’re setting the path for others to follow and succeed.

4. Optimism

  • We don’t get caught up in conspiracy theories when it comes to Google’s updates or a website’s sudden drop in visibility. We’d much rather have the data speak for itself.

5. Passion

  • We want our clients to feel like they’re in good hands with professionals who have the experience and enthusiasm to get the job done.

6. Tenaciousness

  • And while it’s easy to cut corners and take shortcuts, we’ll always take the long way if it means more accuracy and better data.

7. Transparency

  • Our workflow is designed to 1) be easy to understand; 2) minimize as many people from the equation as possible so that we can work with the devs directly; 3) yield solid results.
  • The prices for our services are made available to the public.


2018’s Best Small SEO Agency in Europe has evolved into the One and Only Technical SEO House.

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2018’s Best Small SEO Agency in Europe has evolved into the One and Only Technical SEO House.