is live now, Masha’Allah!

As’Salaamu Alaiykum —

After a year of hard work, finally, by the grace of Allah, is now available for the community and the Masajids to make use of.

The main mission of OneMasjid is to help improve the interaction between Masajids and the Islamic community.

We envision that by making it easy for Masajids to maintain quality websites that are rich in information that benefits the community, and by providing quality mobile apps the community can use to “follow” and keep track of all the Masajids they care to hear from, the communities and the Masasjids can be better connected, in this digital age.

Alhamdulillah, we spent almost a year now to get the website ready and we are now focusing more on the mobile apps. And we hope to have the mobile apps available soon insha’Allah.

It’s a lot of hard work, but well worth it if it can improve the interaction between the Masajids and the community insha’Allah. In the mean time, please check out and get a better understanding of what we are trying to do and to know a bit about the mobile apps.

Please visit some of those Masjid websites ( is a good start) to see how your Masjid websites can look when powered by OneMasjid platform, insha’Allah. If you know your local Masjid is struggling to maintain a quality website and have no technical know-how to launch mobile apps please let us know and we can help your Masjid with a quality website and mobile apps, insha’Allah.

If you appreciate our hard work, please include us in your precious Dua to make this project an useful one to the Masajids and to the Islamic community, insha’Allah.

Shukran, Jazak’Allahu Kh’airan. May Allah accept it from you and us.

Br. Askar - Founder, OneMasjid

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