Women need to reconnect with the labour movement or we’ll never be equal
Esther Freeman

Being One Step Ahead

The article, “Women need to reconnect with the labour movement” arises valid points, and I would like to remark on those. When people’s freedom is taken away, they either desire to be like the individual who oppresses them, or they want to fight against. Both of those reactions are very natural instincts. But what is natural doesn’t always guarantee the very best outcome. It is easy to manipulate people’s instincts, and create new traps and hurdles for preventing their well being.

At the first glance reintegrating women into the labour movement sounds like a good idea . Bringing workplace and gender issues together seems strengthening. Now, I still would like to point out the trap waiting ahead:

The world is about to complete its industrial age. The fact that we are at the edge of a new era doesn’t make gender equality or labour issues less important, but planning the next step based on the functions of an old century may not be empowering. Instead women may ask themselves what the near future will bring, and what their role will be in that digital age.

Don’t perceive the new era as what’s limited to today. Owning a smart phone and using the social media doesn’t mean people have a grasp of it. We will see tremendous changes, not only in technology, but also in our mind-set. Tying the future of women to the areas, where things are about to become obsolete may force them to remain in this particular condition. Women don’t need to focus on regaining what they missed in the previous century. They may read the signs of what is about to come and position themselves as equal partners in our future.

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