Being yourself and being thankful

Many people living in the 21 centuries can become an assailant or a victim, while living in this tough world.

In life, you may face unexpected difficulties regardless of your effort.

In order to overcome it, people rely on god and believe in religions…

but you need to be yourself to be you and you need to solve the cause.

You shouldn’t pursue an object or request something to an object.

All you need to do is just be thankful.

You are controlled by something murky and nothing serious becomes an incident and creates trouble.

Your bad behavior is the motive and the source of the incident but it is related to upper generation. Sometimes it occurs by others who are connected with you.

In order to live brightly, you need to get free from the darkness that locked you up, the depression caused by the mental and physical disharmony in the family, and stress and pressure caused by money.

It saves the body from various murky things and gives relief and peace to the mental.

It turns the vein of water that comes from earth energy so mind and body become strong from the bad effect; and you can realize the health of everyone in the family, business, and harmony.

You need to be free from the gene and karma from paternal and maternal side coming down from the ancester’s blood and from the trap covering the flesh by soul ghost.

so your mind is clear and clean, know whether it is true or false.

You need to be proper minded so you will not controlled by ghost, act right, and stand straight; so you will not go to the bad direction.

If yourself is clean and when you stand yourself straight you can go to the right path.