Onboarding OneOcean as a Junior

We asked two of our latest junior onbordees to describe their experience in joining our software engineering team. Renuka and Oliver accepted to describe their first months with us.

The first contact


I was recruited to join OneOcean as a Junior Full Stack Developer on LinkedIn. At the time, I was looking for my first job after graduating with a degree in computer science. Surprisingly, I got a phone call from Sophie, the OneOcean recruiter in Montreal. Sophie was very thorough; I talked to her about my background and my IT experience, and she shared more information about OneOcean and how their products help customers optimize their voyages and comply with international maritime laws. I thought: vessels, voyages? Hmm.. that sounds interesting. I googled OneOcean and learned more about what the company does. I then received my assessments from Sophie on the same day, which took me roughly two days to finish.

One day later, I was booked for an hour-long technical interview with two senior software developers, and the HR manager, Anne Marie. I passed those rounds, and they offered me the position as a full-stack developer! I am so proud of myself and thrilled to take my first step in my career as a professional software developer at a global corporation like OneOcean. The company has many offices around the world and is headquartered just outside London, UK. The second biggest office is in Montreal which is where I am based.

Oliver face — FullStack developer at OneOcean
Oliver — FullStack developer at OneOcean


My OneOcean journey begins in the month of March 2021. I was looking for better opportunities in life because I believe in continuous learning; I think that if I’m learning, I’m growing. I wanted to enhance my skills. Honestly, when I read about OneOcean and my job profile as a DevOps Developer, I got excited and thought yes! This is the organization that can give me new challenges, new growth opportunities and ultimately, I will be a better professional.

Renuka — DevOps Specialist at OneOcean



On my first day at OneOcean, Anne-Marie, OneOcean’s HR Manager, provided me with a detailed schedule for my first day and instructions on how to safely come into the office based on COVID-19 protocols. Thankfully, OneOcean ensured I had a strong start. To name a few, I had:

  • On my very first day at OneOcean, my manager and Anne-Marie treated me to a warm lunch with my future teammates. It was a pleasure to meet the rest of my team.
  • A brief introduction to OneOcean’s products in an hour.
  • I also received my IT material for easy and ergonomic work from home set up on the first day. The company is promoting an hybrid work from home schedule and we are encouraged to come to the office to close the social gap with our teammates when it’s appropriate.
  • Onboarding for my first month was divided into several weekly sessions regarding the core products and technology stack. I’ve learned quite a bit about not just tech-related stuff, but also business logic and work culture. Also, all training is provided by squad leaders or senior developers.

My first month


All my colleagues were very friendly and welcoming in the first week. I am extremely grateful for everyone’s generosity and kindness. Their interest in me and willingness to hear my ideas have been fostered by working closely with my Team Lead. As an inexperienced junior developer, he understands I need guidance throughout the process. From setting up the working environment, weekly workflows, and architecture design front-to-back, he provides well-explained and thorough instructions. We hold Innovation Friday every week, where we contribute our thoughts on how to build a better workplace, share the latest news and present new features we’ve released to our customers.


Being new to the maritime industry, in the first few months, I got to know a lot more about the company and I believe there is still more to discover. The Lead and manager I work with are very skilled in their domains of expertise and are very inspiring. I had a good onboarding and there are many technologies that I hadn’t come across before. I learned how to build infrastructure from scratch and integrate it into our existing architecture for our teams to use.

During my first days, I encountered Global Tech & CS week, amazing activities like workshops, team building, speakers, and a development hackathon. I quickly felt at ease participating, members were picked randomly, and I got to meet with my colleagues from the UK. With employees from different cultures, nationalities, and who speak different languages, OneOcean has a barrier-free atmosphere.

Kudos to the Company’s social activities, Despite the pandemic situation our company’s management didn’t stop arranging social activities. I quickly felt at ease participating in the activities like team lunch, BBQ Picnics, Innovation Friday and much more.

I have met and continue to meet skilled people who put human values first, who have different ways of life, and this made me feel the importance of being in the OneOcean family.



It has been almost three months since my first day at my new job, and everything has gone as expected. I have worked hard to learn new technologies, such as ASP.NET and Angular. My team lead and teammates are very patient and supportive when explaining to me about our architecture and bug-fixing or business logic. This is the first company I’ve worked at, and I couldn’t ask for a better experience.


OneOcean is Agile. We are encouraged to be ourselves, try something new, have fun at work, and most important of all, to continuously learn and grow professionally. The synergy between other teams is exceptional. The Senior developers and the management team are always there to provide advice and technical guidance. I try to treat my mistakes and setbacks as a learning opportunity. Along with my everyday tasks, we are encouraged to set up individual short-term and long-term learning goals since learning is inevitable!

In my seven-month journey, I believe I have learned many new technologies like AKS, Terraform Cloud, Azure resources, Vulnerabilities and have mostly been involved in three different migrations and each of them was equally different and challenging. Different techniques and tools are being used. Although I’m familiar with certain tools, with the advancement of technology every day, I must learn and advance myself for the accomplishment.

The Quebec culture, the agility, the cultural diversity, the rapport with peers and management, the clients, and the projects are all things that make me smile every morning and make me want to continue the adventure with OneOcean.



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