Substratum: The New Internet Is Approaching

Luis Wester
Sep 6, 2018 · 7 min read
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Substratum, in its common meaning, is a basis, a layer of soil beneath trees and grass. It’s a matter, which allows plants to grow and blossom. A nutritious inexhaustible environment, where roots of all flora in the world connect into a single powerful net.

The less known meaning of Substratum is a prominent open-source project. It’s a startup, which will soon unite all computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets in the world into a decentralized free-Internet network.

What is Substratum?

Our mission is to bring forth the free and fair Internet of the future by combining proven technological building blocks with emergent technologies in an innovative and holistic way to help solve many of the problems that plague the modern Internet.”

In simple words, it’s one of the most far-reaching projects created in the latest years in a crypto world. Its concept can be described in one laconic goal: to bring free, fast, decentralized Internet to the humanity.

Just like ordinary substratum consists of dozens of macro elements, minerals, salts and other essential components, Substratum is a complex mix of numerous services and features. The whole picture might be a bit complicated, but together we will make things as clear as a bell.

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Substratum Components Soil

  1. The main function Substratum fulfills is a provision of a cheap, encrypted, fast hosting to the owners of the sites. People, who don’t want to pay a fixed inflated price for the unreliable and slow services the giants of hosting offer, should notice this branch of project’s activity. It goes under the name of “Substratum Host”.
  2. The next unique service Substratum provides is a “Substratum Node”. Generally speaking, it’s a possibility for every computer owner to become a host and exchange his excessive RAM, CPU & GPU, network speed for the local currency — SUB tokens.
  3. “Substratum DNS” has figured out a way to leapfrog government gatekeepers. To do so, founding members created a network, which structure is similar to the well-known Tor browser. To overcome one’s Internet service provider’s blockages, a network is using a system of numerous computers (nods) all around the world.
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Substratum Network Components

There are other smaller services, like “CryptoPay” and “Developers Toolkit”, which Substratum is planning to present to the publicity in the nearest time. “CryptoPay” is intended to be an exchange from fiat currencies onto SUB. “Developers Toolkit” would basically be an API and SDK, added to attract developers to the project and provide it with “strong developers support”.

It would take thousands of words to describe the possibilities this project offers to his users. In the long run, Substratum will surely whip up a huge community of web developers, freelancers, and other talented people who know what the “liberty of speech” word combination actually means.

Substratum tokens

“Substrate payments provide the fuel that powers the Substratum Network.”

In order to create an autonomous & anonymous network, the alternative for the existing cryptocurrencies was needed. This is why founders of the Substratum came up with the idea of ERC-20 based unique token Substrate.

When the ICO token sale took place, the price of 1 SUB was about $0.28, yet, a few months later, each token was already valued at $3.20. Such an impressive price rise is the outcome of a topical issue our society slowly realizes.

People’s “freedom” is only a beautiful veil, under which the unpleasant truth is hidden — the truth of being oppressed and controlled in each and every area of our lives.

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Substratum Price Chart

Substrate (SUB) is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, so you can store your tokens on any ERC-20 compatible wallet. You can buy SUBs on such exchanges, as KuCoin, EtherDelta, HitBTC, COSS, Binance, and TidEx.

Why do we need the regenesis of the internet?

Web 3.0, the Internet of the future, net neutrality. These terms often become a subject of fierce discussion in the countries, where the Internet is under censorship, and the sources of the information are divided into two categories: the ones, which write exactly what government asks, and the others, blocked. Russia, Iran, North Korea, China, India, Turkey — the list can last forever.

We’ve met controversial opinions considering uncensored, free Internet. Nevertheless, it’s hard to argue with the statement that no one has enough authority to decide, what people can or can’t watch, read, or listen.

Yet, the situation in real life is quite reverse.

The overwhelming majority of the world’s governments uses Internet restrictions to regulate the political situation in the country to some degree. This, according to the ideas the Substratum creators spearhead, is unacceptable.

Substratum can really crush the “screen” for the countries, which trespass against the principles of the freedom of expression. The project’s basic goal is to bring free unlimited Internet for the whole world using the latest sophisticated technologies like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning. And, in fact, it definitely is able to manage this task.

How does Substratum work?

As we’ve mentioned before, Substratum has many different services, which together create a strong free & independent network.

For site owners, Substratum solves a complex of issues related to the lack of transparency and reliable security of the centralized web hosts. By choosing a peer-to-peer connection with the visitors of the site, its owner gains guarantee in the stability of the Internet connection.

Thanks to the built-in advanced compression algorithms, geolocation and machine learning, every user, who tries to connect to the Substratum-hosted site, gets the maximum speed. At the same time, the site itself gets minimum strain.

Such feature is available thanks to the extensive nodes’ network: for each user system chooses the most efficient combination of nodes to serve content as fast as possible.

For nodes’ hosts, Substratum is a pleasant source of passive income. By contributing excessive computer power to the other users, hosts receive a monetary reward in form of SUB tokens. The application, which connects the computer to the network, is user-friendly: as soon as you want to run our broadcast software, you don’t have to be a computer expert.

By simply installing the “Substratum Node” you get all the needed settings automatically customized. It’s only up to you, how much speed, CPU & GPU, RAM you’re ready to contribute to the community.

Substratum Node Settings

And finally, the users of the network get an unlimited access to the data without any censorship or regulation.

Free Internet is the basic feature any civilized country has to have. Citizens of the countries with the Internet restrictions often use complicated VPN and Tor browser to gain an access to the blocked information.

Substratum can replace both of those technologies thanks to 3 undeniable strengths.

  • higher speed and better connection quality
  • the top level of security of clients’ private data
  • user-friendly design, simple in use software

As we can see, the creators of the project made sure that every member of the Substratum community — whether it’s a client of the decentralized Internet, host or site owner — will have a great user experience. At the present day, there’s no serious startup or application, which might substitute the functionality Substratum provides.

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Substratum Features

What is Substratum going to do to the internet?

There’s no doubt in the fact that the powers of the Internet are currently controlled by giant enterprises, companies, and institutions. Google, Facebook, Yahoo create a “perfect environment” for users, where out of favor information simply doesn’t exist, and your every move is a subject of verification.

At the same time, countries with censored internet suffer from the government’s pressure — people can’t access actual information from the outer world and die for their legitimate right to express the opinion. With such state of affairs, the questions of privacy and net neutrality become top critical topics for public discussion.

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Justin Tabb Quote

Substratum offers a real solution to the issue of internet regulations, which is a decentralized network, consisting of numerous nodes — computers with Substratum software. Each member of the community gains profit from being part of the network and each member makes the project stronger through his presence.

The concept of sustainably developing a network isn’t truly revolutionary, yet, the whole mixture of concept, goal, methods, technical basis, likely is. Substratum is planning to take away the power from the ruling coterie and divide it among millions of users to create a democratic Internet, just as it was meant to be.

We can’t predict what waits for us in the nearest future, but we can call to mind examples from the past. Every time a government authority exercised increasing influence on society, it ends up with total control which results in a violent uprising of some sort. Substratum is an idea, that can potentially mark the era of the Web 3.0 — an internet of the future, without any borders and limits.

And that’s the main reason why so many experts predict a vigorous growth for Substratum in the coming years — just as we do.

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Luis Wester

Written by

Luis is a marketing expert, the founder of and the author of Blockchain Maximalist and numerous articles on technology, predominantly blockchain.

Welcome to a professional network of blockchain experts and marketers. We provide quality service to our clients. Read our case studies and articles here.

Luis Wester

Written by

Luis is a marketing expert, the founder of and the author of Blockchain Maximalist and numerous articles on technology, predominantly blockchain.

Welcome to a professional network of blockchain experts and marketers. We provide quality service to our clients. Read our case studies and articles here.

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