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5 Areas your Sales Cycle Costs you Money

SaaS customer acquisition revolves around your ability to close sales rapidly. Therefore, it is imperative to have an efficient and effective sales cycle.

Even in the early days of SaaS, effective sales teams selling subscription software understood the importance of moving quickly through a series of steps which take prospects from their first point of engagement with the company until the day they become paying customers. Every lead counts. Closing each deal, however small, brings the possibility of robust future revenue and potential to up-and cross-sell additional services.

Depending on your service, a prospective lead can advance to the next stage in your sales cycle, or even become a closed customer, within a matter of hours. Typically, customers in need of a subscription service will conduct a quick search online, maybe ask a friend of two, and then subscribe for a free trial to see if the product helps them. You have a very small window of time to keep that customer looking at you — and not a competitor.

The average sales professional rotates through 4–6 communication tools within a day connecting with leads. Cycling through email, text, IM, files, and web-meetings costs valuable time.

The sales cycle requires balance between engaging your prospect and aligning with the required sales process of your employer. Is your sales cycle designed for efficiency? Consider the following:

  1. Contacts: Phone calls, emails, audio/video conferencing, and text messages are daily life. You get leads; you chase leads. But how do you organize those potential customers? Do you have a master copy of contacts? You certainly don’t target each lead the same way, so why keep them bunched together? Sorting your contacts by their position in the sales funnel is time consuming, but NOT sorting them is even worse. Every second counts in SaaS.
  2. Organization: After you speak with each potential customer, the conversation is documented, and you note when (and how) you will contact them again. How are you doing this? A notes app on your phone? Are you switching between your email, contact list, and notes when making calls? Talk about wasting time!
  3. Illustration: Sales professionals need to illustrate the power of their service to up-sell customers. We share slides, pictures, files, and documents or hold live product demonstrations with clients. We create libraries, white papers, and tutorials to send them. How are you sharing this information? Still emailing attachments? Do you ask the client to download an app so you can share information with them privately? Perhaps you update or maintain unique webpages for clients? While you are passing time uploading attachments and maintaining webpages, your prospects are being wooed elsewhere.
  4. Accountability: Part of being a member of a SaaS sales team is being accountable to your sales director. They want to know how you are spending your time, what leads you are chasing, and how many you are closing. Communicating with your manager is necessary, but also costs you a lot of valuable “face-time” with clients. Do you have face-to-face meetings? Send emails with attached reports? How can you continue to be a stellar employee while juggling clients and responsibilities? There has to be a better way. Right?
  5. Analytics: Successful sales professionals analyze their data and adjust their approach accordingly. They dissect what methods closed clients and which ones drove them away This data-driven approach helps top sales professionals invest in what works and eliminate what is not. Are you sifting through emails, contact notes, and download numbers? Inputting data into a spreadsheet? Using data to drive your sales is vital, but organizing this data on your own can take days.

Time is scarce and how quickly you close your lead does matter. Maintaining multiple apps and communication tools is not an effective way to get the job done. You need a business-process aware, communication-centric hub serving you and your prospects around the clock..

Try Clientele by OnePgr. The Clientele app will help you contact and organize your clients and notes, illustrate your product’s strengths, communicate effectively, and analyze your results to be a data-driven sales magnate.

Clientele allows you to:

  • Organize prospects by position in the sales funnel with a simple screen tap. Notes, slides, files, documents, and task management are all at your fingertips without switching between any apps or tools.
  • Share information with clients by sending them a SMS link. The link takes them to a virtual conference room where they can privately view your materials or share your screen without requiring them to download anything at all.
  • Sync information in real-time to your CRM which satisfies your sales director and allows you to interpret data to improve your practice as needed.

Clientele is FREE for a limited time only! For more information about Clientele, please visit: Stop wasting time with multiple communication tools. We invite you to try Clientele so we can help you lock down more clients today.



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