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How to Avoid Learning Interruption for your Schools & Learning Centers

Coronavirus has dramatically changed our lives. Only weeks ago, people were able to freely roam their neighborhoods, today we try to stay safe within our own homes. Things have changed. All of us remain hopeful this pandemic will soon end and bring a semblance of normal routine back to our lives. In the meantime, educational institutes are currently taking unprecedented steps to lessen the impact and enable students to continue their lesson plans through distance learning platforms. And where there is a will, there is a way.

Distance Learning and Video Conferencing Solutions are fundamental in connecting teachers and students. Teachers can easily organize classes, hold sessions using video-conferencing, conduct office-hours, share handouts, and session recordings, as well as share video messages.

Furthermore, knowing students and faculty need to remain at home, these solutions can be a practical alternative to in-person classes. Among the many tools in the market, you can find solutions offering a persistent workplace with assessment functionality, real-time interactivity including voice, video, online meetings, and document-sharing services.


Introducing OnePgr E-Learning

OnePgr offers the first of its kind E-Learning solution which, given its flexible architectural and 100% web-based design, brings together HD Video Conferencing, Screen Sharing with live-chat, document-sharing, and class recording. And because all functionalities are served on a persistent page, no join-URL is required for meeting attendees. A strong privilege and sharing model means teachers can restrict meetings to registered-users only. Also, since all functionality is part of one platform, end-users are much more productive, because there’s no need to jump between different meeting and document management tools. Finally, it’s a single platform fulfilling needs traditionally covered by multiple products — better ROI to the organization.

E-learning through video conferencing tool

Digitalization has been a boon not just for companies who wish to conduct e-meetings, but also teachers and students who deliver and consume curriculum through e-learning. E-learning platforms, like OnePgr, provide tons of robust features for interactivity, such as live chat, screen sharing, and video meeting — features to bridge the gap between schools, staff, and students.

These features bring the online environment to life, mimicking traditional classroom activities.

And with OnePgr, it’s one platform for teachers and students to share notes, review class pages, host session recordings and course material, conduct video lectures, and enable in-session chat.

OnePgr also enables teachers to schedule classes based on subject, section, and class. Find and manage all online classroom assets (handouts, recordings, chats, etc.) through an easy to use dashboard. And unlike other e-learning tools, there is no software download. Everything is browser-based, and no lengthy installation or set-up process. All you do is click the URL and join the meeting.

Benefits of e-learning

Staying in touch with the experts

Currently, staying safe is given the utmost priority. You never have to worry about losing essential courseware or instruction delivered in class. With everything securely stored in the cloud, you get access to notes, handouts and any content-related chat or interactions that happened in the live session.

Additionally, online class, content and all recorded interactions remain available for “after-hours” Q&A (via persistent chat, notifications). More channels for students to engage and solicit guidance from teachers and fellow classmates.

No app to download

Indeed, there are many online e-learning tools available today; however, most of them need to be downloaded. With OnePgr, there is no download and no software to install. Everything is browser based. Simply log into the website, invite your students and start your session. You are all set.


Swiftly changing from an in-person classroom environment to online-only curriculum isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be that hard either. Through e-learning, you can still get the feeling of sitting in the classroom and attending class. Whether you are attending or teaching class, take advantage of this lockdown period to continue learning from home. If you would like to know more about e-learning, please get in touch with OnePgr today or visit:



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