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The Sales Manager’s Catch-22

How to ensure sovereignty for your sales reps without giving up control

Sales managers are responsible for ensuring their reps maintain a quality pipeline of opportunities at all times for their team while also monitoring data to ensure sales representatives are making their numbers. Too often, when sales professionals are in the field, managers feel left in the dark.

There is a delicate balance between monitoring the sales team and allowing them the freedom to do their job. The managerial need for accountability can infringe on the team’s need for client face time.

There needs to be a consistent workflow that allows for simultaneous streams of data while also supporting independence for sales reps. Believe it or not, there is a way to achieve this form of sovereign accountability. The trick is incrementalism.

Consider the following areas in your sales process:

  • Prospect management. Maintaining a robust pipeline of present and future prospects for your team is no small feat. Splitting time between keeping customers moving through the pipeline while feeding fresh leads into the top is a challenge. Sales representatives trust that you ensure they are not wasting time contacting prospects that have zero interest or need for the product. Likewise, you need to make sure your sales team is using their time efficiently and making their numbers. Effective managers check data and contact information in their CRM often. They peruse the data, contact representatives in the field, manage the in-house sales team, and coach reps as needed. An efficient sales cycle requires these actions to be aligned.
  • Contact. It is mind boggling how many communication tools and apps sales professionals use every day. Switching between CRM pages, email, phone, desktop sharing tools, and task or notes apps to communicate with others is redundant and unnecessary. A key component of an efficient sales cycle is to synthesize these tools for seamless communication.
  • Data and analytics. is a tremendous tool for analyzing your team’s results, but data that is not updated regularly is worthless. Real time data is needed to solve real time problems. You need up-to-the-minute information to export data, create tables, and analyze information. If the data in your CRM isn’t up to date, then you are wasting your time. From your team’s perspective, inputting data into the CRM takes a backseat to customer communication. Balancing these needs is key for a short, effective sales cycle.
  • Coaching. You need to consistently coach and motivate your team to keep them as effective as possible. For coaching to work, it must illustrate a specific weakness for your team that needs to be fixed. To keep mentoring succinct (and successful), coaching points must be readily identifiable and accessible. Otherwise, everyone’s time is being wasted and your sales cycle is growing longer while prospects wait to be contacted.

These small bits of wasted time throughout the day add up to tremendous amounts of time annually. Incremental improvements in team management, data analysis, prospect chasing, and coaching results in an impactful, scalable organization.

Clientele by Onepgr is an app that closes these incremental gaps while employing sovereign accountability to your team. They have more time with clients while you continue to hold them to the highest standards.

Every team member using Clientele has their data automatically synced with your CRM while they are on-the-go. They get time, you get accountability.

Clientele also allows you and your team to:

  • Set up an overall Strategy and Development plan for each team member to ensure alignment at quarterly and annual plan levels.
  • Organize and input prospects into the pipeline based on their position in the sales cycle with a simple screen tap.
  • Enforcement of your sales process, improving opportunity quality using qualification methodology such as BANT or sales process specific stage gate attributes.
  • Contact and share information with prospects (or your team) via call, email, text, or web conference. Demos are a breeze and there is no need for a customer to download anything. Ever.

For more information about Clientele, please visit: Stop wasting time with multiple communication and accountability tools. Get the best ONE and lock down more clients today.



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