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Top Video Prospecting Tools for Sales Professionals in 2020

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Are you doing enough of video prospecting as a sales professional? Do you know the best video prospecting tools in the market?

You would already know that video is a powerful influence on the internet. In fact, it is such an influence that every year, the viewers of video continue to increase. Here are some statistics to show that we are not making a random assertion.

According to 6 out of 10, people would rather watch online videos than television.

According to HubSpot, 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day, and the icing on the cake — adding video to your emails can increase click rates by 300%.

But now you may ask- “What is video prospecting?”

What is video prospecting?

Video prospecting is a relatively new way of reaching out to potential prospects through short personalized videos that you send to prospects over email.

Numerous studies have shown that video is always more engaging for customers than other forms of prospecting. In fact, SalesLoft conducted a survey of 134 million emails, 4.5 million of which had an embedded video. The results were unsurprising. The average open rate for emails went up by 16%, and the average reply rate increased by 26%.

Generic sales emails and approaches on social media don’t really help you to reach your prospects at that level, which video prospecting does. You need to be at your ‘A’ game when it comes to video, and therefore you need the best tools that you can find.

Here are some video tools that have been tried and tested by us. These video tools are good for video recording, and they can also help in areas such as content creation, content design, and editing.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video has been around for a long time and it’s becoming famous among video editors .

This video prospecting and engagement tool allows you to connect with all prospects and enhance revenue sales and leads.


Some of the outstanding features of Hippo Video are as follows:

- Personalized landing pages with video selling and ABM

- You can insert in-video links.

- You can build and generate fresh revenue.

- The tool comes along with video knowledge base, record resolution, onboarding video hubs, and onboarding video features.

- You can collaborate, do campaign management, document management, file sharing, project management, etc.


There are different types of prices available.

The starter pack will cost you only $15.00 per month. You will get Linked Integration, Sales Dashboard, 10 Sales coaching videos, Gmail Integration, etc.

The pro pack will cost you $17.00 per month, where you will get unlimited videos, 2GB import File size, 60 minutes of videos, no watermark, 200 GB bandwidth, 1080 resolution, and more.

The last pack that Hippo Videos has is $25.00. You will get all the Pro features with 3 GB import File Size, and 120 Minutes per videos.


OnePgr is an all-in-one video sales platform designed to help sales professionals to streamline their prospect communication.

Super easy to use, you can record and send videos in seconds, personalize your message and learn from the viewing analytics on all videos. Features include:

- Record the video and capture screen using a one-click browser-based solution in Standard and High Definition. You don’t have to download anything or be tech-savvy for that.

- Once the recording is ready, you can use OnePgr email engine to share the video individually or use mass emailing feature to send to a list.

- You can personalize your video to differentiate yourself even more. OnePgr provides many personalization options such as allowing you to automatically generate an animated gif (giphy), embed prospects’ homepage screenshot, or message greeting for stronger prospect engagement and higher response rates

- One of the best parts is viewing analytics. That can help you gauge which messages are working and which prospects are interested in your message. You can find out which users are watching the video and for how long and how many times. OnePgr gives you ways to report on data.

- Also, communication options give you capability to call, email, SMS, and share documents with the prospects from the viewer table to drive your deal forward.

See how OnePgr can boost your sales with Prospecting Video for free here.


You can try OnePgr for free, and the best part is it doesn’t require your credit card details.

Standard plan is $12.00 per month.

Pro plan is $25.00 per month and for business subscription, you need to pay $50.00 monthly. For the enterprise subscription, clients will have to get in touch with the customer care.

If you want to get more about to use OnePgr you can click here


Bombbomb is a video communication solution tool that will allow business professionals, sales professionals, mortgage professionals, brokers, and real estate agents to get face to face with their prospects through simple video communication.


- The platform creates an automatically generated animation, which will be of three seconds for the video.

- You can do screen recording, give presentations, and educate the clients and prospects about your service.

- Clients and prospects will be able to watch the video on any device.

- You will get notifications the moment someone watches your videos.


Bombbomb comes with a free trial, but no free version is available. The starting price is just $39.00, and you will get training through documentation and webinars.

You get robust support throughout the business hours.

You get dynamic content, image library, CAN-SPAM compliance, auto-responders, subscriber management, template management, and more in the package.

Drift Video

Drift understands how vital video marketing is to get in touch with prospective clients and customers, educate them, and create an entertaining video.

With the help of Drift Video, you will be able to begin your conversation effectively. Record your video through this video prospecting software in just three clicks, and you are all set.


- You can create stunning sales video to close and open deals.

- You can send conversational emails.

- You communicate through pop-up chat, in-app messaging, and targeting emails.

- Drift Video will allow you to customize your content, conversation archiving, lead development, team inbox, live chat, etc.


Drift Video has different pricing policies available to you.


Email signature, email fallback, live chat, welcome message, calendar integration, block IP, etc.

Essential: $500.00 per month.

All the free subscription features, along with chat only permissions, saved replied, live view, data enrichment, custom bods, custom branding, lead routing, automated booking, revenue booking, landing pages, etc.

Premium: $1500 per month

All the features in Essential and free, including drift intel, account engagement, single sign-on, chat to call, personalized playbooks.


Dubb was founded in 2018 and is a useful video communication tool that is preferred by business professionals. The company is based in Los Angeles, and they specialize in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and marketing automation.


- You can create videos for mobile apps and websites through Dubb Chrome.

- Users can host their videos, or may directly upload the marketing video from their desktop or mobile.

- Users can share their videos through YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

- Finally, the tracking feature lets you track your emails, call-to-action clicks, and get to know about how many people have viewed those videos.


You can try Dubb for free, else, pay $40.00 per month for Dub Small Business subscription.


With Covideo, you can create, send and track a personalized video. This video email prospecting tool allows you to send your videos via email, text messaging or from your CRM.


- You can create videos for iOS and Android mobile applications, get on with web-based recording and screen recording.

- There are animated thumbnail preview, website overlay, call-to-action buttons.

- You can share your video on the social media platform.

- The video library is massive.

- Unlimited cloud storage.


The annual plan is for $49.00; the monthly plan is for $69.00.


This video prospecting platform allows you to make a close connection with your prospects. With Vidyard you can add videos to your website and emails on the go.

Vidyard has four parts to it. Video Creation, Video Hosting, Video Personalization, and Live Streaming. For sales professionals who want to experiment with video prospecting, the video personalization feature will open a host of unique messaging opportunities for every person.


- Vidyard can be connected to sales platforms such as salesforce, outreach, salesloft, Gmail, and market, among others.

- Online video sharing in the form of the embeddable video player, email videos, and video landing pages can be shared.

- You can share videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

- Videos can be SEO optimized with captions and metadata.

- CRM integrations and inbuilt analytics dashboards for data first views


There are four plans — Free, Pro, Teams, and Business

The base plan is free, and the best part it doesn’t require your credit card details.

The Pro plan costs $15 but is billed annually.

The Teams plan costs $300 and is meant for 3 + users.

The Business plan costs $1250 for 5 + users.

Video Shop

A fully-featured suite of video editing, which is available as an Android and iOS app too. One of its USPs is that it allows the user to create different versions of the same video. This makes it ideal for A/B testing. There is an array of editing tools that help you give animations, voice-overs, and slow or fast motion. You can also share your videos directly to social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


Some of its essential features are:
- Trim — Edit all the irrelevant parts in your video.
- Merger — Combine multiple clips into one.
- Voice-overs — Add your own voice-over to the video.
- Photos — Create slideshows from the videos.


VideoShop is free to download and use on the iOS Apps store and Android Play Store.


With an easy drag-and-drop editor, access to over million stock images and videos, and beautiful video templates, things can’t get any easier than Animoto for even beginner content marketers taking their baby steps towards video making.


Some of the prominent features of Animoto are as follows.
- You can turn still photos and text into an engaging video.
- You can even add music to your video from a catalog containing licensed music tracks.
- You can create your own storyboard using pre-included designs.
- There is no per-video pricing, which means you can create as many videos you want for a fixed price.
- You can post to social media channels with just one click.


There is a three-tier pricing plan for Animoto — Free, Professional & Team.

The base plan of Animoto is free, but your videos will be watermarked.

The professional plan of Animoto gets you billed for $396 a year. There is no watermark on these videos, and you can use your branding.

Animoto’s team plan is billed at $588 per year, and you get a license to resell to businesses. You can get accounts for up to 3 users.

This is our list of video prospecting tools that we think will help you accelerate your sales. Get out there, create your voice, and send it out to your prospective customers. They are waiting to hear from you.

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