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Introducing OneRing (Solana)

Earn great yield on your Solana-based stablecoins

Getting set up on Solana

STEP 1: Download and install a Solana wallet

STEP 2: Get some $SOL for gas

STEP 3: Get some $USDC on Solana

  1. Bridge $USDC that you have in an EVM wallet (e.g. MetaMask) using the bridge. If you are unfamiliar with bridging tokens, please refer to Allbridge’s Bridging Guides. The bridged $USDC will have to be swapped for native Solana $USDC using:
  2. Another popular bridge for moving assets to and from Solana is the Wormhole bridge.
  3. Transfer $USDC from a centralized exchange into your previously created Phantom wallet.

STEP 4: Welcome to OneRing (Solana)!

STEP 5: Connect your Solana wallet to the OneRing dApp

OneRing Finance features

Start earning yield

About OneRing



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