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One Ring x Yield Monitor

One Ring to yield them all — but how?

Distributing the deposited funds the most beneficial way while having a super easy-to-use UI sounds very promising. But using the best yield sources around, what does this really mean? The best yield source is a combination of return, security, scalability, sustainability and even more. To really pick the best combination is what OneRing is after. To do so, you gotta start somewhere.

To approach this problem, one thing that’s really needed is reliable — and fast — on-chain data. Since OneRing always wants to pick the most promising yield source with the best combination of the variables given above, the data needs to be as accurate and up-to-date as possible. Taking into consideration OneRing will be adding more and more networks to the multi-chain product, all of this data needs to be acquired for every protocol on every chain integrated.

This could be done by a very ambitious and hard working research team, but what if there’s a way to fetch all this data frequently for every yield source our research team approves? What if this even goes for multi-chain purposes? These are the services Yield Monitor offers.. If you want to yield them all, you have to monitor them all.

About Yield Monitor

For DeFi Investors

Yield Monitor is building a truly scalable, multi-chain database toolkit for DeFi investors and developers. Investors can connect their wallet address to track asset holdings, LP prices, on-chain order book and volume data, and access a network-wide Pools List of matching LPs that support their preferred investment assets.

Yield Monitor is currently tracking single assets, LPs, and Yield Farms across five mainnets (AVAX, BSC, ETH, FTM, POLY) with over 40 direct DeFi integrations. Over 20 mainnets (and hundreds of DeFi integrations) will be online and tracked by 2023.

Future tooling will include:

  • single-click cross-chain swaps & trading
  • automated smart contract audits
  • intelligent staking
  • pending farm rewards
  • more data-driven tooling
  • entry-level on-ramps for new DeFi investors

For Developers & Teams

Developers can deploy Yield Monitor’s custom API to drastically increase the speed and scale of their cross-chain data queries. Yield Monitor’s on-chain indexing allows product teams to focus on adding value to their products to delight users and grow their market share.

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How Yield Monitor will support OneRing:

OneRing will leverage Yield Monitor’s database to gather accurate on-chain price data for all of OneRing’s stablecoin LPs and Yield Farms. Yield Monitor’s advanced cross-chain trade routing will confirm OneRing’s assets are moved strategically and efficiently across the highest-earning pools to ensure OneRing investors generate the highest possible yields across their investments.

Having access to rapid cross-chain pricing data means OneRing can focus on product features, scaling, and more value-adding features to increase market value and attract new investors.

About OneRing

One Ring is the first multi-chain cross-stablecoin yield optimizer in the space. The goal of One Ring is to take away the complexity of DeFi 2.0 and make things easy for the user. By this, we will be able to open the DeFi space for a whole new layer of users that want to receive yield on their stables instead of just having them sit in their wallets. With a strong network of partners, KOLs, advisors and such, One Ring aims to go right to the top and set new benchmarks for the upcoming DeFi 2.0 winter.







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One Ring is a Multi-chain cross-stable Yield Optimizer. A new DeFi manager for your stablecoins.