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OneRing November Recap

A sneak peek at the yield optimizer platform’s arrival on Optimism

OneRing November Quick Hits

  • The OneRing Multichain Farm had a nice first month! In case you missed it, the Multichain Farm is an endeavor to deploy a team-funded treasury across multiple blockchains and protocols with the express intent of using the profits from the farming strategies to buy and back and burn $RING and reduce its total supply to 80m. November saw OneRing buy back and burn 100k $RING through this strategy!
  • Liquid Driver’s $RING/$FTM SpiritSwap Shadow Farm provided great yield for liquidity providers throughout November.
  • Don’t forget to check if you were one of the winners of the OneRing Genki Campaign! If you were, 50 $1USD has been airdropped to your wallet!

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