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Create and customize your personalized stand-alone live streaming webpage using OneStream Live’s new embed player feature — Live Spaces.

Committed to continued R&D and innovation, OneStream Live announces another ground-breaking and unique feature — Live Spaces — the personalized webpages for content creators.

In This Blog:

  • What is Live Spaces?
  • Features of Live Spaces
  • Benefits of Streaming on your Personalized Webpage
  • Practical Use Cases

🔖 What is Live Spaces?

Live Spaces is an intuitive embed player feature offered by OneStream Live that allows you to create your own webpage with just a few clicks. It provides several in-built templates that can be customized according to your requirements. So, if you don’t have your website but want to present to the audience that you do, this is the right feature for you. With Live Spaces, you can create your own video landing page, add a catchy and SEO-friendly title and description, and go live.

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⚙️Features of Live Spaces

Live Spaces is fully loaded with incredible features that will give your videos all the attention they deserve. Pushing the limits of how you can broadcast powerful live streams, Live Spaces will help you in stress-free and joyful multistreaming, right from your browser. No external software installations are required; stream straight through the OneStream Live web app.

✳️ Complete Customization

Live Spaces offers immense visual customizations, highlighting your videos with more promotional power. You can personalize your webpage with flexible layouts, customizable fonts, colors, and backgrounds. Choose from pre-designed templates, add your desired frames and layouts and play around with the vast creative opportunities to develop a unique look-and-feel for your webpage.

No designing skills required.

✳️ Custom Domain

Not only can you customize the visual look, but you can also customize the domain name for your personalized webpage. You can choose to name it after your business, church, educational institute, etc., or after your own name. For example, Destiny Church can choose as its custom domain. Similarly, a musician streamer can name his webpage after his music band,

You have all the freedom in the world to name your personalized webpage as you like.

✳️ Clickable Call-to-Action Button

The most celebrated element of Live Spaces is the clickable Call-To-Action (CTA) on the webpage that can drive traffic to any desirable destination. You can add a clickable link to your e-commerce website, social media handles, product landing pages, donation pages, survey forms, or any other destination URL you desire. You can then redirect your viewers to the desired destination using this clickable button.

No coding needed.

✳️ No Hosting Required

OneStream Live hosts all the video streams on its servers, so you don’t have to worry about buying expensive external hosting for your personalized webpages. We are constantly improving our server technology to provide you with a smooth and seamless live streaming experience.

No more complexities. No external hosting required.

✳️ Social Media Links

Live Spaces allows you to add unlimited social media links to the personalized webpage. However, you can feature up to 4 links on the webpage at any given time. Send your live streaming traffic to your social accounts and increase your following.

Drive traffic to your social media channels using Live Spaces.

✳️ Live Chat

You can interact with the audience through Live Chat. Live Spaces offers the ability to engage with your viewers through comments. The viewers can leave a comment under the live chat, and you can respond to them directly from the web page or by going to OneStream Dashboard.

All your chats in one place. No more toggling between the windows.

✳️Configure Analytics

You can configure the platforms from which you want to track the data, such as Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, or Hotjar Site. By following the given instructions, set up the tracking ID and keep a track of your data.

Track data from your webpage using tracking and analytics.

📣 Benefits of Streaming on your Personalized Webpage

Why do you need a personalized webpage? Well, if you don’t want to stream on your social account or you don’t have a social account or your audience is not on social media, you need a webpage to reach out to your audience. That said, there are a lot more benefits of streaming on your personalized webpage:

🎖️ Authenticity

Live streaming on your personalized webpage adds credibility and authenticity to your videos.

🎖️ Brand Identity

You can build your brand identity by establishing branding guidelines for your webpage. For instance, by selecting a particular layout, background, and color palette, you can set up a distinct brand identity for your live streams. So, every time your viewers see your videos, they immediately relate to you as a unique brand.

🎖️ Drive Traffic

With the clickable CTA button, you can drive your viewers to any external destination that you desire. For example, you can redirect your viewers to your social media handles for long-term relationships, your e-commerce website or product pages to drive sales, or your charity pages to seek donations and sponsorships, etc. You can even collect viewer data and feedback through forms to later use for marketing campaigns. The sky is the limit.

🎖️ Low-Cost Marketing

Embedding videos on your own webpage is the most effective and cost-effective marketing tactic. You can showcase your products live, demonstrate their functionality and features, build hype, and promote the product in full swing. The visual appeal of your webpage will also add to the desirability of the products.

🎖️ Make a Shoppable Live Stream

If Amazon’s shoppable live streams have inspired you, here’s your chance to make your own. You can showcase your products during the live videos on your webpage and redirect your viewers through the clickable CTA button to your product listings. Turn your live streams into live commerce and generate sales.

🛃 Practical Use Cases

There are several practical use cases for Live Spaces. Whichever field you may belong to, you may smartly capitalize upon the power of personalized webpages to deliver an incredible watch experience to your target audience.

Not all churches have a dedicated official website to stream their services. They have one less worry now. If you are a church streamer, with Live Spaces, you can customize your church service webpage, set up the mood with all the customization options, and live stream your prayers and services seamlessly. You can invite all worshippers to join the video session and interact and engage with the church in real-time. You can even collect donations by redirecting the viewers to your donations and sponsorships pages.

🤵🏻 Marketers

Live Spaces is expected to be a ground-breaking feature for the business and marketing community. An easily customizable webpage can be used to promote products through shoppable live streams, establish and maintain long-term customer relationships, present personalized special offers, and drive email campaigns with videos. If you are a marketer, you can leverage these webpages as lead magnets to attract new audiences and generate sales.

👩‍🏫 Education Industry

Individual teachers can create a dedicated academic environment or a virtual classroom using Live Spaces. If you are an educationist, you can customize your webpage as per your requirements and deliver a wholesome learning experience to your student body. At the same time, you can use the clickable CTA button for multiple purposes — marking attendance, taking quizzes, submitting assignments, etc.

🧑🏻‍🎤 Music Streamers

Musicians and DJs can live broadcast their creative skills on a personalized and dedicated webpage, setting a unique mood for their videos using the innovative customization options available. So, if you are a music streamer, you can leverage the CTA button to seek reviews or drive the audiences to buy your music CDs from an affiliate music store.

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