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2 min readNov 18, 2022


Just a few months back, we launched beta testing for OneStream Studio. Thousands of content creators signed up to give it a spin, and we’re thankful to each one of them for their thorough testing and valuable feedback. Because of their feedback, we’ve been able to make fine improvements and feature enhancements to give OneStream Studio a final look. We’re beyond excited to open the door of OneStream Studio to everyone.

Starting Monday, 7thNovember 2022, OneStream Studio is out of the beta phase and available for everyone. OneStream Studio is an all-in-one live streaming solution to create, host, and multistream live streams on 40+ social media and the web simultaneously. Here’s a quick roundup of the incredible features that are destined to take your live streaming experience to a whole new level:

OneStream Studio features

Guests– invite up to 10 participants to your live stream.

Overlays– brand your live streams with logos, banners, and tickers.

Intros & Outros — start and end your live shows with eye-catchy intros and outros.

Intervals- take breaks during live shows with intervals.

Countdown Timers — use countdown timers to start the shows, take breaks, or mark show endings.

Custom Virtual Backgrounds — enhance your shows’ visual appeal by adding customized image, video, or audio backgrounds.

Live Sales — sell your products during live shows. Add product descriptions and price tags in your preferred currency.

Studio Chat — interact with your audience on all social platforms through one window.

Media Sharing — share external media such as image, video, or other files during your live streams.

Screen Sharing — share your screen

Stream Recording — record your live session and save it to your device, OneStream storage, or schedule it for live streaming later.

Schedule Live Streams — go live instantly or schedule your event to go live at your desired date and time.

Snap Cam Filters — polish your appearance on screen using Snap Cam filters.

Multistreaming– host and live stream your videos on multiple social media and the web simultaneously.

A bundle of power-packed features for the price of one!

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OneStream Live is a cloud-based solution to live stream across 40+ Social Media Platforms simultaneously. For queries and feedback, Live Chat with our team or write to us at



OneStream Live

OneStream Live is a cloud solution to create & multicast live streams to 40+ social media, including Facebook, YouTube, & Instagram, and the web simultaneously.