Short Video Content: How to Leverage Facebook Reels for Your Business

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Facebook Reels

In 2020, marketers discovered that people are likelier to share short-form videos twice as fast as any other content. TikTok and Instagram were the first to lead the trend, and at last, Meta adopted Reels into Facebook. Unlike long videos you can find on Youtube, TikTok and Reels cater to users with short attention spans and yet look for entertainment and new stuff to discover and engage with.

But what are the advantages of Reels over TikTok?

Studies show that TikTok is the best platform for influencers, while Reels are more advantageous for brands. This is most likely because many brands were already able to cultivate their presence on Instagram and Facebook longer than in TikTok. Also, most TikTok users are Gen Zs who prefer to engage with influencers rather than brands.

So how can brands actually leverage Facebook Reels for their business? Let’s find out.

🎞️ What are Facebook Reels?

Facebook developed a new way of creating short videos for entertainment, getting new business audiences, and viewing important cultural moments through Facebook Reels. This type of content is a video shared that lasts up to 60 seconds.

Facebook Reels allows you to get discovered by people with the same interests as your brand. You can find Reels in the top right corner of your Android phone, and for iPhone users, you can find them at the bottom of your app.

One of the Facebook marketing tips that you may want always to remember is to make sure that you plan for the videos you want to share. Planning will save you time and give you a better way to tell your story.

🎬 How to Create Facebook Reels in Professional Mode

  1. Make sure to open an updated version of the Facebook app.
  2. Go to your feeds section and tap create Reels. You can also do this by tapping the camera icon on the right side of the Reels you are viewing.
  3. Add the new video by tapping the record button or the photo icon in your screen’s lower left corner.
  4. You can add text, audio, effects, a timer, or a caption by tapping the right-side corner of your screen. You may tap next when you are finished.
  5. You may add a description to your reel so people can know your brand.
  6. Also, you may choose which audience can see your reel. Reels are public by default on Facebook. Contents coming from business or creator pages can also be posted as public.
  7. Tap on share Reels if you are ready to publish and share them.

🎬 How to create Facebook Reels from a Classic Facebook Page

  1. Open your updated Facebook version app.
  2. Go to your classic page.
  3. Hover over your page’s lower part, click Create a post, then choose Reels.
  4. After selecting Reels, make a video using the record button to add the video. You can also click/tap on the photo icon in the lower left corner to add your videos for your Reels.
  5. Also, you may add a description of your Reels, so your audience may understand you more.
  6. You can then choose your audience. Remember that Reels are set to the public but not for minors.

💡 Pro-Tip: If you’re a business, make sure you maximize the available tools. The more social media tools you use for your business, the easier you will get to create better content.

📽 How to Make Creative Facebook Reels?

If you want your brand to stand out, add creative tools for your Facebook marketing strategy that can help you inside Facebook Reels:

🎯 Audio — you can add audio for your Reels when you tap the audio icon. Once you tap it, an expanded browser will show you all the music and genre to choose from. After that, tap on the theme of your choice then you may tap done when you are ready to publish it. You may also add your original audio. Remember that your Reels can go in public, and people may use your audio too.

🎯 Length of Video — you have sixty minutes for your videos. You can set your video length from 15, 30, and 60 seconds.

🎯 Effects — you can add products to your Reels. Tap the effects icon and tap finish when done editing your work.

🎯 Speed — you can edit your Reels when you want your videos to go faster. You can adjust your video speed by tapping the speed icon. The default speed is 1x.

🎯 Zoom crop — You can crop your video inside the 9:16 frame by adjusting the x and y. Do it with one finger or two-finger pinch.

🎯 Save Effects — If you see an excellent reel that you want to use the same effects, you can tap on the attribution link at the bottom of the reel you are viewing. You will then see the page of other Reels having the same effects. Upon clicking on the attribution link, look for a button that says Save Effect. You can use the same effect for your Reels when ready.

🎯 Green Screen — use this tool when you want your Reels with different pre-uploaded scenes. Tap done when you finish your work.

🎯 Timer — You can have the option to add a countdown for 03 to 10 seconds before you record. Tap Set timer, then you are good to go.

📈 How to Leverage Facebook Reels for Business

Facebook Reels can help you build your audiences even if they are not connected with you yet. You can monetize your Facebook Reels if you are eligible. Facebook will ask you questions about your payment options and verify you. You can leverage your Facebook Reels using the trends that help engage your audience and show your brand’s authority and genuine nature. Also, how you offer solutions to your audiences makes their lives easy. When you do these things, it is possible to make your business grow and reach your goal.

🤳🏼 Short Video Trends to Follow for your Business

👉 Influencer Ads — work with influencers to increase your audiences. According to HubSpot, they ranked fifth on their ROI when they could work with influencers.

👉 Brand Challenge — you give out a challenge to your audiences, such as Colgate’s make your mother smile challenge. Make your challenges viral. This Brand Challenge is one of the content ranked higher in marketing.

👉 User-Generated Content — one of the loved strategies is user-generated content. This content affects your audience’s buying decision, which may reflect their interest and target emotional buying.

👉 Product Teasers — brands can build anticipation in their audiences if they want to introduce a new product.

👉 Behind the Scenes — You can show your audience how you make your product using short videos. Your brand will get the audience’s trust when you direct your authenticity.

👉 Educational Videos — you can also leverage your Facebook Reels for your business if you share educational videos. It helps your audience understand you and your brand. Also, this is helpful for them to make an informed decision to buy your product. Make videos that explain DIYs and How-tos for better sharing of your content.

💡 Pro-Tip: Always remember that there are several things you can get through thousands of resources on the web, especially if you are looking for your Facebook marketing tips. Learning opportunities are a lifetime process and enjoy the function of your Facebook marketing. 2022 is the time for Facebook Reels, so have fun while learning.

🛃 Facebook Reels Good Practices

🚀 Crossposting — you post on Facebook at the same time through Instagram. However, your audience will get tired of crossing from one platform to another. You should focus specific content on one platform.

🚀 Overlay Ads — Facebook will verify you first. If you get yourself verify to monetize your Reels, you can do so by overlaying ads on your Reels with a Sticker Ad or a Banner Ad.

🚀 Clips — You can use hooks on your Reels, only in a vertical format.

🚀 Add Facebook Reels to your Marketing Strategy — when adding Reels, you may want to add live content, video on demand, and Reels. Adding Reels to your Facebook marketing campaign will increase your connections with your preferred audiences.

💥 Conclusion

Facebook Reels have evolved how businesses market their brands. With Reels, audiences learn more about the people behind the brand, making the brand’s marketing strategy authentic and genuine. Although there are some rules that Facebook has put down to ensure the privacy of some Reels creator, such as a minor’s content could go public, you still can share your content publicly with brands and businesses.

Facebook Reels are much more than videos that people watch. But it is entertaining, informative, and encouraging for audiences with the same interest as the brand. Don’t forget to prepare your image. Use one of the best remove bg apps to help stand in the ocean of brands.

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