Creating Call Sheets in (Part 2 of 2)

By now, you should have most information you need in your call sheet already setup. There are only a few items that need to be adjusted in order to send your first call sheet. Let’s take a look:

Talent Status

You may have noticed that entering the scenes in the Scenes section automatically populated the talent section.

Now, if you are working on a SAG-AFTRA production, you can enter the SAG actor status for that day. This is going to be important when creating Production Reports. The statuses are:

S: Start, R: Rehearsal, T: Test, W: Work, H: Hold, D: Drop, F: Finish, TR: Travel, (k): Minor. You only have to select the elements that apply to that specific actor for that specific day.

Cast work status in call sheet

Talent: Pickup, Call and Set times

You can set individual or specific times for these or you have the option to set them as “On Call” or “Not Required”. “Not Required” means that it’s not necessary to include this call time.

Setting pickup time for the cast

Good resources for your production:

Stand-Ins and Background

These sections are pretty straight forward. If you added any stand-ins and background to your scene breakdown, they will show up here. You can change the call time or remove them if they are not needed.


Notes include all the breakdown elements entered in your breakdown. Things such as props, makeup notes or sound will appear here, organized by department.

Call sheet notes (added dynamically from the breakdown)

Advanced Schedule

Most productions like to set the advanced schedule to let everyone know what’s next. This section works similarly to the scenes module, except that there are no events added in an advanced schedule.

Advanced schedule
Awesome Sauce: When you create your next call sheet, the scenes listed in the advanced schedule will appear automatically in the Scenes section in your new call sheet, together with the correspondent Cast, Stand-ins, Background Actors and Notes! Did we just save you a few minutes or what?

Crew List:

The crew list is ordered by department here as well. You have the option to change individual call times for each crew member, including “On Call” for key roles in your production.

Crew list

If you need to add a new crew member to your call sheet at the last minute, here’s what you can do:

  1. Add crew member details in the Crew Tab.
  2. Come back to the call sheet and select “Add Crew”, which will display a search box where you can enter the name of the new crew member to be added to the call sheet.
  3. You can also remove anyone from your crew list for that particular instance or production day.

Send your Callsheet to your Cast and Crew

Once you have everything setup, you only have to click on the “Send” button located on the top right and that’s it! Cast and Crew will receive an email with their call time and a link to view the entire callsheet.

You can also download a copy of your callsheet in PDF format for your records or to send to anyone that is not listed under your cast or crew lists.

That’s it for callsheets. We really hope to hear from you and your experience using OneTake. We value your feedback because it’s the only way we can make our product better.

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