Breakdown Items

Scenes are divided in two sections: on the left, the scene details and on the right the breakdown items, where you can find the list of all departments or categories, where you can add all breakdown items.


If you imported a Movie Magic project, you will see the list of characters with their correspondent number in this section.

If you are creating your own breakdown, click on “Add New” button and enter the character number and name — click anywhere on the screen to save the changes.

To add the same character to other scenes, select the scene and then click on “Add New” to see the complete list of characters you added to the project. Then, select the characters you want to add to the new scene.

Props, Wardrobe and other categories

In the same breakdown panel, you can add all the breakdown items that you need to shoot the scene, including: Background actors, Stunts, Vehicles, Props, Camera, Special FX, Makeup & Hair, Animals, Animal Wrangler, Music, Sound, Art Department, Set Dressing, Greenery, and more.

Adding any other breakdown item to a scene works just like characters, without the need to add an ID or number to it.

Editing Breakdown Items

Click on the name of the item to launch a dialog where you can edit the name of the breakdown item.

All breakdown items will be automatically transported to your call sheets when you are ready to create them.

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